What is Ways and Means Technology Accelerator Program ?

Ways and Means Technology presents a unique accelerator program designed to ignite the entrepreneurial drive. We are accepting up to 25 startups to impart our knowledge and expertise, provide guidance, mentorship, and support to help you run a successful business in today's competitive landscape.

Strategic Planning and Guidance
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Product Design and Development
  • Market Analysis and Competitor Assessment
Research and Development
  • Selecting the Optimal Business Model
  • Staffing and Recruitment Techniques
  • Product Development Approaches
Prototyping and Visual Design
  • UI/UX Design for Kickstarter
  • Color Theory in Design
  • Product Design Tailored to Specific Markets
Concept Validation
  • Feature and Functionality Evaluation
  • Assessing Scope and Potential
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and Risk Mitigation
Minimum Viable Product Creation
  • Building a Minimum Viable Product
  • Generating Sample Sets
  • Implementing MVP Tactics
Full-Scale Development and Launch
  • Market Expansion Programs
  • Identifying Effective Marketing Channels
  • Optimizing Customer Acquisition Strategies

What Makes Ways and Means Technology a Great Mentor?

  • Leaders in Technological Development Services
  • Recognized as Outstanding Service Providers with Numerous Accolades
  • Serving Over 1,000 Customers
  • Delivering Over 1,500 Projects
  • Boasting a Team of the Finest Developers, Project Managers, and Strategists

What Benefits Will I Receive?

The Tech Accelerator Program offers the valuable insight and expertise of our experienced in-house experts. You will receive a comprehensive understanding of starting and running a successful technology business that is usually acquired through years of hands-on experience.

Comprehensive Knowledge on Startup Fundamentals

Assistance with Documentation and Compliance Requirements

Advice on Establishing Teams, Technical Stacks, Hiring Strategies, and More

Effective Pitch Techniques and Optimized Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies

Innovative Opportunities for Business Expansion and Beyond

Industries we serve

Real Estate
Social Networking
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What we bring to the table with our Startup Accelerator Program

We are well equipped and are serving across multiple industries

1500+ Projects Successfully Delivered

We have experience of delivering 1500+ projects successfully to 700+ happy customers across 45+ countries.

CMMI Level 3 Certified Processes

We are a CMMI Level 3 certified organization and have extensive development processes for building next generation applications.

Extensive tools to track project progress

We equip our clients with tools to regularly monitor the project progress.

Confidentiality and Security

Life time confidentiality and security commitments.

Custom Project Development

We have expertise in crafting the clients idea into successful business app.

Well-Organized Infrastructure

Unlike freelancer developers or unorganized teams our organization has a well defined and disciplined infrastructure within.

Well-Timed & In-Budget

Time is money and we take care of it by working in a disciplined environment with outcome based focus ensuring timely delivery keeping the budget and time log book as promised.

More than a decade Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 12 years which has given us experience in serving our clients with huge potential of our team.

Latest technologies and versions

Our team keeps on updating themselves and thus provides clients opportunity for getting their projects developed on the most updated versions and releases.

We Are Ways and Means Technology,
And We Deserve 5 Star Rating

Our developed IT products are extremely well managed and user centric. We believe in long term business relationships. The client repetition ratio of 90% says it all about our customer satisfaction standards.

Client Testimonials

Hear And Read Success Stories Straight From Our Client.

Development Process

We use proven work methodologies which are key to effective & efficient solutions and successful project delivery for our client


In this phase we gather business requirement and propose the approach or methodology to the client and carve scope at the end of discussion.

Team Deployment

In this phase, assemble a project team and Determine roles and responsibilities of the project team to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Sprint Execution & Delivery

We plan for sprints based on project requirements and follow sequential process incorporating iterations, if any. Ensure transparency across the process until we finish our work.

Project Analysis

Once project has been given the go-ahead, it's time to stamp out the scope, schedule, and cost of a project. Analysis is very important to proceed further to the next step.

Sign-up and Kick-off.

Once the team is assigned, it's time to start the project development.

WM Innovation Labs Delivering Nothing But The Best

Working for our clients even before we meet them

Our technology incubation unit, we call it WM Innovation Lab is our research lab where we EXPLORE latest technology updates, we BRAINSTORM best standards, we DISCOVER best methodologies, we INNOVATE new products, we CREATE best solutions.

This helps us get the best solutions to the clients in minimum time frame. We have a dedicated team of senior developers for our lab.

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