We have seen in the past that farmers face several types of issues regarding crops and farms. Farmers need to cope with climate change, soil erosion, biodiversity loss, etc. This brings us to an idea to build an Agritech App that helps farmers to have a machine vision and clear weather report. The app also provides an option to shop and purchase seeds which will help in boosting the revenue of the system. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to create an Agritech app you are at the right place. We Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd, have made an exemplary app with top-notch features that will outperform your business in the competitive marketplace. Let’s have a look at it!

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Advanced Technologies used in Agritech Mobile App

Artificial Intelligence

This technology has helped a lot in the sector of agriculture and related apps. Technology helps in identifying the disease to predicting the weather.

Machine Vision

Machine learning plays a very important role in this. This technology emphasizes gathering sufficient data for the algorithm to learn. So this is a very useful technique that helps in providing helpful information at the time when it is needed most.


Chabot is an easy way to get solutions to the queries and issues which need to be resolved. They provide quick responses to the customers.

Features of our Agritech Mobile App


The process of Registration and log-in has been made easy with the hassle-free process from our experienced developers.

In-app Camera

This feature provides security to the farms and keeps farmers updated regarding the crops. Farmers can take a look at what happening just by using the apps.

Push Notifications

The farmer will get all the notifications via push notifications which can either be read or can swipe.

In-app Chat

This feature helps you assist with all your queries. The farmers get an instant resolution for their queries.

Crop Calendar

This is one of the most important features when it comes to Agritech apps as it helps farmers to plan out all their tasks and to keep all the things in line.

Buy Seed Online

Several types of seeds with prices are listed under this feature. It gives farmers an option to purchase seeds online.

Payment Gateway Integration

We have integrated the payment gateway to make payments simple and quick. Several payment options are available like debit card, credit card, UPI, net banking, etc.

Weather Report

App will provide the weather condition for the next upcoming months so that farmers can plan for the crops accordingly.

Social Media Integration

This has become a common feature in-app nowadays which helps the user to login through social media apps as well.

Control Panel

Under this section, the app will consist of several features to handle like Fan, Lamp, Water Pump, etc.


It allows farmers to read stories regarding the journey of the farmers and issues which they have overcome.

Technologies used to develop Agritech Mobile App

Machine Learning
Big Data
Internet of Things
Machine Vision

Why Choose Us?


The price of our Agritech App is less compared to other scripts available in the market.

White Label Solution

Our system is completely white and help you with building your brand is our priority which we ensure we will do free of cost.

24*7 Support

After you get complete access to the application, we will stand side-by-side with you and will provide you with day-in and day-out support regarding all the bugs. We charge a very affordable amount from you.

Bug Support

After the launch of the application, we provide day-in and day-out technical support, bug fixes, and periodic maintenance.

On-Time Project Delivery

In Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd. consists of highly experienced developers whose priority is to submit the entire project within the allotted timeline. We have expertise in this field and we will not disappoint you.

Native Mobile Apps

The native apps which we offer, perform with the best user experience in the competitive market.

Our Step-by-Step Process to Build Agritech Mobile App

Requirement Analysis

Our goal in this step is to get a detailed definition of the requirements. So in this preliminary step of the development process, our business analyst will get in touch with you to discuss the requirements of the project.


In the second step, our developers will design the architecture of the project. We lay focus on the uniqueness and efficiency of the in-process development of the project.


At this stage, while keeping in mind previously defined requirements, our developers start writing the code. Moreover, front-end programmers develop the user interface of the program and the logic for its interaction with the server.


The testing phase includes the debugging process. All the code flaws missed during the development are detected here, documented, and passed back to the developers to fix. The testing process repeats until all the critical issues are removed and the project workflow is stable.


When the project is finalized and has no critical issues we launch it for the end-users.

Maintenance & Support

We generally provide maintenance and support services(technical and non-technical) at zero price. Our team will be assisting you on regular basis regarding the queries and challenges that you may face with time.

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