Due to the advancements in technology and smart-phones, there are many trends rising today. One of them is ride-sharing or carpooling. To share the costs or to compensate the driver, ridesharing is becoming a trend nowadays. It is also a good initiative towards eco-friendly travel. Our Ride-Sharing App is a conclusive solution for an entrepreneur at his doorsteps who wants to earn top revenue in a short period. Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd brought the top-notch ride-sharing application to reformulate the overall experience of carpooling service at your doorsteps. Let's have a look at it!

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What do we consist of in our Ride-Sharing App?

Our Ride-Sharing App consists of all the necessary features which are needed in the competitive marketplace to succeed. We have a User Panel, Driver Panel , and Admin Panel


New Users will get registered with a couple of hassle-free steps. This is a mandatory step for a User who is using the application for the first time.

Extensive Search

After specifying the details of the ride, these top-notch features allows user to search for the nearest available shared ride.

Vehicle Categories

The user will get different categories of vehicles to select from before booking the ride.

Estimated Fare Breakup

Before booking the ride, the user will see an estimated fare breakdown for the ride.

Book the Ride

After comparing and collating all the estimated fares, the User will book the ride.

Real-Time Notifications

Users will get notified instantly regarding the latest updates and offers with real-time notifications.

In-App Chat

This feature comes in place after the driver has accepted the request of the user. It allows users and drivers to communicate with each other.

Get Driver's information

User will get driver's details like name, vehicle number, ratings, etc. after booking for the ride.

Live Tracking

The user can track the driver, its arrival, and the route of the ride using the application.

OTP Verification

Authentication before starting the trip is very important for safety purposes. Using this feature user will get authenticated before starting the trip.

Multiple Payment methods

Various payment methods make payment easy like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, wallets, etc.

Featured Dashboard

Dashboard is equipped with features with information regarding the total number of booking requests, the total number of registered drivers, Earnings, etc.

Manage Drivers

Admin can see and manage driver's details with name, email, contact details, etc. Admin will also verify the documents of the driver.

Manage Users

All the information regarding the Users will come under this section which Admin can have a look at.

Manage Roles

Admin can create sub-admin which will be going to complete tasks which are given to them by Admin.

Earnings Reports

With the help of multiple filter options available, Admin can track daily reports and transactions done.

Track Location

With the help of GPS functionality Admin will be able to track the live location as well as can see the pickup and drop-off destinations.

Manage Car Models

Admin can add, edit or remove the models of the cars using this feature.

Manage Payment Settings

With the help of this section Admin will be able to set settings of payments like surcharges, tax, commission per ride, etc.

Manage Reviews

All the ratings and reviews and ratings which are given by users for the service are mentioned under this field and are reviewed by the Admin.


All the details regarding the order are available like order received, the status of the order, revenue generated, etc.

Accept/Reject Order

Based on availability, the restaurant can either accept or reject the order.

Manage Order History

History of all the orders received and delivered by the restaurant is managed which helps the Restaurant to keep track.

Manage Categories and Items

Restaurant owners can add and manage the categories and items listed under it.

Customer Order Status

The restaurant is responsible to update the status of the order of the customer.


Will receive notifications for the new orders from Users.

Create discounts & Offers

Offers and discounts are an important part as it attracts more customers towards the application.

Manage Payment & Earnings

Can ask for payment from the Admin after the completion of the order and can also manage it.

Driver Registration

Drivers can easily register using the contact information and later will Log-In with the help of credentials provided by the Admin.

Availability Toggle

User this feature, Driver will update their availability as per their convenience.

Accept / Reject Ride

The driver can either accept or can reject the request sent by the user for the ride.

View Earnings

This functionality helps drivers to manage all their earnings in an account.

View History

This feature helps the driver to keep an eye on all the completed rides for the day.

Transfer Amount to Bank

After the completion of the ride, the driver can transfer the amount to the bank account.

Intuitive Features of our Ride Sharing App

Schedule Ride

Time is money and we genuinely understand this. Under this feature Users can either book shared rides instantly or can schedule them for later.

Offer Ride

Using this feature, a user can add a new request for a ride and can share it on social media to get get more riders.

Multiple Payment Options

We have multiple payment options in our app like cash, credit cards debit cards, multiple payment gateways in our Ride Sharing App.

Co-Riders Profiles

Basic details of the riders who are sharing the ride will be mentioned so that users can have a look at it for safety purposes.

Set Location

For quick ride booking, user can set their location and can give a Name to them like Home, Work, etc.

OTP Verification

Before starting the shared ride, the user will get verified from the OTP which is received on the registered mobile number or Email ID.

Track Location

With the help of in-build GPS, the user can track the live location of the ride.

SOS button

The user can have a look at all the updates and offers via notifications.

Fare Estimation

Before scheduling the ride, the user will get to know the estimated fare and time for the shared ride.

Cancel Rides

Users can cancel the rides using this feature in case of any reason. The driver will get instant notification in this case.

Promo Codes

If available, users can use the promo codes to avail themselves of the discounts from the shared rides.

In-App Call

With a single tap, drivers and riders can call each other to know more about the location.

In-build Navigation

This feature is specifically for drivers. This helps drivers to reach the destination without a hassle.


After the completion of the ride, users and drivers both can send reviews to each other.

Invite Friends

By sharing their invitation code, users can invite their friends and can get offers.

We constantly look for latest technologies!

Our Ride-Sharing App is developed using the below robust & up-to-date technology architecture.

Angular JS
Express JS
Mongo DB
Node JS
Java Script
Amazon AWS
React Native

Why Choose Us?


The price of our Ride-Sharing App is less as compared to another script available in the market.

White Label Solution

After you get complete access to the application, we will stand side-by-side with you and will provide you day in and day out support regarding all the bugs. We charge a very affordable amount from you.

24*7 Support

After you get complete access to the application, we will stand side-by-side with you and will provide you day in and day out support regarding all the bugs. We charge a very affordable amount from you.

On-Time Project Delivery

In Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd. consists of highly experienced developers whose priority is to submit the entire project within the allotted timeline. We have expertise in this field and we will not disappoint you.

Native Mobile Apps

The native apps which we offer, they perform with the best user experience in the competitive market.

Our Step by Step Process to Build a Ride-Sharing App

Requirement Analysis

Our goal in this step is to get a detailed definition of the requirements. So in this preliminary step of the development process, our business analyst will get in touch with you to discuss the requirements of the project.


In the second step, our developers will design the architecture of the project. We lay focus on the uniqueness and efficiency of the in-process development of the project.


At this stage, while keeping in mind previously defined requirements, our developers start writing the code. Moreover, front-end programmers develop the user interface of the program and the logic for its interaction with the server.


The testing phase includes the debugging process. All the code flaws missed during the development are detected here, documented, and passed back to the developers to fix. The testing process repeats until all the critical issues are removed and the project workflow is stable.


When the project is finalized and has no critical issue, we launch it for the end-users.

Maintenance & Support

We generally provide maintenance and support services(technical and non-technical)at zero price. Our team will be assisting you on regular basis regarding the queries and challenges that you may face with time.


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