Not everyone in this world is as blissful as others and not everyone is perfect. Some people are visually impaired. Speech-to-text applications allow the user to see text and hear it read aloud simultaneously. One of the main advantages of this app is that it prevents eye strain and improves communication skills. So this brings us to make a speech-to-text transcription app. Our speech-to-text transcription app helps people to the transcript and prevent eye fatigue. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a speech-to-text transcription App that is the need of the hour you are at the right place. We Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd, have made an exemplary speech-to-text transcription App with top-notch features that will outperform your business in the competitive marketplace. Let’s have a look at it!

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Benefits of the Speech-To-Text Transcription App

Allow Multitasking

It allows you to perform more than one action at a time. It allows you to go multitask.

More Accessible

Text-to-speech is increasing access for persons with special needs, especially the hearing and visually impaired. So it has become more accessible through wearables.

Increase Productivity

This is one more benefit of text-to-speech applications. Users' text-to-speech devices can help them to cover more titles faster.

Improve Listening Skills

By listening to the recordings user will improve their communication and listening skills.

Prevent Eye Strain & Fatigue

This is a common benefit of text-to-speech applications. By listening to the speech user can prevent eyes from strain and fatigue.

Features of our Speech-To-Text Transcription App

Join Meetings

This feature is helpful as other users are allowed to join the meetings which the current user has created.

Add & Share Notes

While recording the video, the app gives the user an option to make notes and share them with other users as well.

Connect Calendar

The app is already integrated with the calendar functionality and the user can connect to it as well so to keep reminding himself of things.

Create Groups & Folders

The app allows users to create groups and add users in it and to create folders to keep all the files safe.

Direct Messages

The user can chat with another user by sending them a message directly to the inbox.

Voice Recorder

This is the primary feature of the app which allows the user to start and pause recording anytime and to add an image as well if needed.

Copy & Share Link

With the help of this feature users can make a link to the recording and can copy & share the link with the people they like.

Export & Import

This feature enables recordings to export and import at the same time in the required format of the file.

Create & Edit Recordings

After creating the user of the recording can edit them as well using different edit options and can also insert an image if necessary.

Pro Subscription

This is one important feature that allows users to have certain benefits like more imports, more number recordings, etc.

Add & Invite People

Using this feature users can add users to the list and invite other users to the application.


After connecting to the calendar, the user can see the agenda or the goal which he has set for the day.

Conversation History

This section will contain all the conversations made by the user with the date & time and length of the recorded videos.

Why Choose Us?

White Label Solution

Our system is completely white and helping you with building your brand is our priority which we ensure we will do free of cost.

Technical Support

We will be providing free 24*7 consultations and technical support for the issues you have after the submission of the application.


We fully understand the importance of business data. Our experienced developers will keep your business data confidential and classified while working on the app.

Mobile App Experts

Our Company consists of full-time experts which have more than 10 years of experience in the market of app development.

License for Lifetime

After a one-time payment, the whole script of our App will be provided for a lifetime. No hidden charges.

Our Step-by-Step Process for Speech-To-Text Transcription App

Requirement Analysis

Our goal in this step is to get a detailed definition of the requirements. So in this preliminary step of the development process, our business analyst will get in touch with you to discuss the requirements of the project.


In the second step, our developers will design the architecture of the project. We lay focus on the uniqueness and efficiency of the in-process development of the project.


At this stage, while keeping in mind previously defined requirements, our developers start writing the code. Moreover, front-end programmers develop the user interface of the program and the logic for its interaction with the server.


The testing phase includes the debugging process. All the code flaws missed during the development are detected here, documented, and passed back to the developers to fix. The testing process repeats until all the critical issues are removed and the project workflow is stable.


When the project is finalized and has no critical issues we launch it for the end-users.

Maintenance & Support

We generally provide maintenance and support services(technical and non-technical) at zero price. Our team will be assisting you on regular basis regarding the queries and challenges that you may face with time.

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