Enhance Your Business with Our Microservices Architecture Development Services At Ways and Means Technology, we are a leading microservices architecture development company that helps businesses modernize their IT systems with agile and secure microservices applications. Our microservices consulting services utilize agile and DevOps approaches, as well as modern tools and technologies, to deliver projects efficiently and effectively. With our services, you can easily update and upgrade your systems to meet your changing needs.

If you are in need of Microservices Architecture Development Services, look no further. Our team at Ways and Means Technology is the top rated provider in the industry, helping businesses modernize their IT systems through the implementation of secure and agile Microservices applications. Our consulting services utilize agile and DevOps approaches, as well as modern tools and technologies, to deliver top-quality applications. Let us help drive your business forward with our expertise in Microservices development.

As a leading microservices development company, we have the experience and expertise to implement agile and DevOps approaches for your business using technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Traditional monolithic architecture can be slow and cumbersome, but with microservices architecture, you can achieve a more agile and efficient solution. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of microservices applications for your enterprise.

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Microservices Development Service Offerings

Microservices Advisory

  • Analyse the high-level business needs and microservices implementation drivers.
  • Assess microservices feasibility.
  • Create a business case for microservices implementation, TCO, expected ROI, NPV.
  • Prepare a microservices implementation project plan.
  • Identify risks of microservices implementation and prepare their mitigation plan.
  • Design a microservices app architecture.
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Microservices development

  • Iterative development of microservices
  • Configuration of the microservices infrastructure
  • Integration of microservices
  • Microservices testing.
  • Microservices based app deployment to production.
  • (on demand) Continuous KPI based maintenance and improvement of the microservices ecosystem.
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Microservices review and optimization

  • Review functional and non-functional microservices app requirements.
  • Review the granularity, architecture, communication and APIs of microservices and make recommendations for areas that need improvement.
  • Design a new microservices architecture.
  • Identify potential improvements in development and deployment processes, e.g., including continuous deployment pipeline, automated testing.
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Rebuilding legacy apps into microservices

  • Review the as-is monolithic application architecture.
  • App modernization feasibility study.
  • (optional) Review your software development and delivery practices and suggest improvements.
  • Plan a new microservices-based architecture.
  • Create a detailed roadmap for refactoring the monolith to microservices.
  • Refactor the legacy app/help the in-house team to refactor the legacy app.
  • Test and deploy the modernized app.
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Enterprise-wide microservices adoption

  • Analyse high-level business needs and microservices implementation drivers.
  • Review microservices adoption readiness.
  • (if needed) Introduce/improve infrastructure automation, cloud services usage, containerization, CI/CD, monitoring and management practices, etc.
  • Provide a microservices cost optimization plan (optional).
  • Define KPIs and tools to measure business value from microservices implementation.
  • Select and prioritize applications to migrate to the microservices architecture.
  • Develop microservices.
  • Develop an effective API program.
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Microservices testing

  • QA strategy, microservices test plan, test automation architecture design.
  • Configuration of optimal testing tools and frameworks.
  • Test environment setup and automated test data generation.
  • Test automation script development and maintenance.
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Microservices Consulting Deliverables you can get

Microservices-based software design deliverables

  • Detailed specification of software requirements
  • Non-functional requirements for the software
  • Design of a microservices-based solution architecture
  • Design and configuration guide for app infrastructure

Project planning documentation for microservices implementation

  • Feasibility study and business case for microservices implementation
  • Implementation project plan with schedules
  • RACI matrix for microservices implementation project
  • Risk management plan for implementation project
  • Business and technical KPIs to measure value from microservices implementation
  • Strategy for cost optimization during implementation

Deliverables for the microservices development process

  • Detailed documentation of microservices code with unit tests
  • Descriptions of microservices APIs
  • Configuration of cloud infrastructure and integration with on-premises infrastructure (if applicable)
  • Configuration of CI/CD in the cloud
  • Data migration scripts for modernization projects

Microservices QA documentation

  • Quality Assurance strategy and test plan
  • Testing scope, types, and levels
  • Reporting procedures
  • Test cases and checklists
  • Test automation architecture and configuration of testing tools
  • Automated test scripts for API and UI
  • Test reports

We constantly look for latest technologies!

Besides the immense experience we are very confident about our detailed approach and sea-deep knowledge of Microservices Development, we use nothing but the best for our clientele. We constantly keep pace with the latest technology to achieve the best traffic and conversions for our clientele.

.NET Core
Google Cloud Pub/Sub
API Fortress
Google Cloud Functions

Why Use Microservices ?

Microservices offer several benefits for software development:
  • Scalability: Microservices allow for easier scalability of applications, as individual services can be scaled up or down as needed without affecting the entire system.
  • Faster development: With the ability to work on individual services independently, microservices enable faster development and deployment.
  • Improved data security: By partitioning data into smaller, more manageable pieces, microservices make it easier to secure and protect data.
  • Better data governance: Microservices allow for more precise tracking and monitoring of data usage, improving overall data governance.
  • Language and technology agnosticism: Microservices allow developers to choose the most appropriate language and technology for each service, rather than being limited to a single option.
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What we bring to the table with our Microservices Development Services

We are well equipped and are serving across multiple industries

1500+ Projects Successfully Delivered

We have experience of delivering 1500+ projects successfully to 700+ happy customers across 45+ countries.

CMMI Level 3 Certified Processes

We are a CMMI Level 3 certified organization and have extensive development processes for building next generation applications.

Extensive tools to track project progress

We equip our clients with tools to regularly monitor the project progress.

Confidentiality and Security

Life time confidentiality and security commitments.

Custom Project Development

We have expertise in crafting the clients idea into successful business app.

Well-Organized Infrastructure

Unlike freelancer developers or unorganized teams our organization has a well defined and disciplined infrastructure within.

Well-Timed & In-Budget

Time is money and we take care of it by working in a disciplined environment with outcome based focus ensuring timely delivery keeping the budget and time log book as promised.

More than a decade Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 12 years which has given us experience in serving our clients with huge potential of our team.

Latest technologies and versions

Our team keeps on updating themselves and thus provides clients opportunity for getting their projects developed on the most updated versions and releases.

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Our developed IT products are extremely well managed and user centric. We believe in long term business relationships. The client repetition ratio of 90% says it all about our customer satisfaction standards.

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Development Process

We use proven work methodologies which are key to effective & efficient solutions and successful project delivery for our client


In this phase we gather business requirement and propose the approach or methodology to the client and carve scope at the end of discussion.

Team Deployment

In this phase, assemble a project team and Determine roles and responsibilities of the project team to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Sprint Execution & Delivery

We plan for sprints based on project requirements and follow sequential process incorporating iterations, if any. Ensure transparency across the process until we finish our work.

Project Analysis

Once project has been given the go-ahead, it's time to stamp out the scope, schedule, and cost of a project. Analysis is very important to proceed further to the next step.

Sign-up and Kick-off.

Once the team is assigned, it's time to start the project development.

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