Software Mantainence and Support Services

Ways and Means Technology Private Limited do not leave their clients just after completion of requirement scope and delivery. We offer services beyond delivery and offer an extensive range of services that helps clients’ businesses with support and maintenance of software application and their infrastructure.

Software Mantainence and Support Services by Ways and Means Technology Private Limited includes a set of activities that are targeted to ensure stable functioning, scalability, performance, and security of the software application. Support & Maintenence can be divided into the following four groups:


Continuous Monitoring of the software application and fixing issues and problems that are faced/discovered by users.


Understanding changing business needs and keeping software up-to-date in line with new requirements.


Continuously refining software application’s user experience, usability, reliability, performance and reliability.


Identifying and fixing underlying issues and problems to ensure smooth functioning.

Typical Duration

Off-shore – 1 week

On-Shore – 2-4 weeks

Estimation of Support and Maintenance Scopel
  • Analyse infrastructure, potential new feature and change requirements, and existing user pool
  • Measure projected scope
  • Idenify resource requirement

Typical Duration

Off-shore – 1 week

On-Shore – 2-4 weeks

Typical Duration

4 Weeks

Process Design

As per the scope of support and maintenance defined in previous stage processes are designed keeping in focus following two elements

Reactive Support (on-demand)
  • End User Support (L1) - Fixing minor issues or usage problems.
  • Application Support(L2) – Troubleshooting, resolving performance, configuration and security issues,
  • Development Support(L3) – fixing application issues on the code and the database level, customization and adding new features
Proactive Support (Continuous)
  • Software uptime, performance, compliance monitoring, security and management.
  • Quality Assurance (Code Review, testing and monitoring)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, Management and Optimization (eg cloud resource consumption optimization)

Typical Duration

4 Weeks

Typical Duration

Off-shore – 2 weeks

On-Shore – 2-4 weeks

Finalizing Sourcing Model and Implementation Plan
  • Onboarding and Training Staff for support and mantainence
  • Support Tool Selection
  • Setting up Maintenance support windows for production, development and testing environment support
  • KPI’s idenfication and finalization (eg first response time, ticket time resolution etc).
  • Setting up Service Level Agreement

Typical Duration

Off-shore – 2 weeks

On-Shore – 2-4 weeks

Typical Duration

1-2 days

Software Maintenance and Support Launch

As per timeframes selected (eg 8/5, 12/5, 24/5, 24/7), service level agreement and resource matrix finalized in the previous stages of setting up support and maintanence process is launched. An escalation matrix is designed to keep the business critical decision making and issue resolutions, fast, smooth and robust.

Typical Duration

1-2 days

Support and Maintenance Expert Team

Ways and Means Technology Private Limited offers end-to-end software maintenance and support services that consist of all types of resources.

Help desk Specialists

  • Registering and tracking queries
  • Solving primary and repetitive issues
  • Esclating unsolved issues to L2/L3.

Application Support Engineers

  • Continuous application monitoring and helath checkup.
  • Fixing Application performance issues
  • Resolve administrativeand configuration issues
  • Root Cause analysis and log analysis
  • Database Administration

Software Developers

  • Fixing Issues on code and database level
  • New Feature development
  • Customizations and integrations
  • Unit Testing

Test Engineers

  • Funtional, regression and integration testing for updates and upgrades
  • Monitoring and Testing.

DevOps Engineers

  • CI/CD based approach for automation of change implementation.
  • Server Management (Database and Application Servers)
  • Server Configuration and optimization.
  • Infrastructure issue resolution.

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With an extensive experience of over a decade, Ways and Means Technology Private Limited is a reliable partner for your software support and continence service needs.

Software Support and Maintenance Consulting

  • Scope identification of your support and maintenance project
  • Approach or Process designing for maintanenace project.
  • Launch Plan designing
  • Sourcing Model Study and Selection
  • Support tools selection.

On Shore and Off Shore Support Maintenance

  • L1/L2 Support (Service Desk)
  • L3/L4 (Development Support)
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 (end-to-end support)
  • Proactive Software Monitoring
  • (Perfomance, Security and Latent Issues detection)

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Development Process

We use proven work methodologies which are key to effective & efficient solutions and successful project delivery for our client


In this phase we gather business requirement and propose the approach or methodology to the client and carve scope at the end of discussion.

Team Deployment

In this phase, assemble a project team and Determine roles and responsibilities of the project team to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Sprint Execution & Delivery

We plan for sprints based on project requirements and follow sequential process incorporating iterations, if any. Ensure transparency across the process until we finish our work.

Project Analysis

Once project has been given the go-ahead, it's time to stamp out the scope, schedule, and cost of a project. Analysis is very important to proceed further to the next step.

Sign-up and Kick-off.

Once the team is assigned, it's time to start the project development.

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This helps us get the best solutions to the clients in minimum time frame. We have a dedicated team of senior developers for our lab.

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