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Every process can be improved or transformed digitally

By implementing a purposeful digital transformation strategy, any process can be enhanced or revolutionized through the effective utilization of a company's resources and the efforts of its employees. A company that embraces digital technologies can experience tremendous growth and success.

Digital Transformation Areas

Customer Experience transformation:

We specialize in customer experience transformation by designing digital engagement programs and creating multi-touch customer journeys. This approach enables our clients to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market and maintain their brand's resilience during challenging times, thanks to a strong digital presence. We help our clients to transform their customer experience and drive growth in their business.

Our digital transformation solutions include:

  • Launching ecommerce platforms in both B2C and B2B segments
  • Creating immersive digital experiences through augmented reality (AR)-powered apps, 3D product modeling, and live video integration
  • Leveraging IoT technology to enhance in-store experiences with features like smart shelves, connected consumers, and personalized store navigation
  • Implementing programmatic advertising tools to improve marketing performance and ROI.
  • With these cutting-edge digital tools and strategies, we help our clients to transform their customer experience and drive growth in their business.

Supply chain transformation

Our company specializes in supply chain transformation, where we redesign supply chains to make them faster, more flexible, and better able to manage associated risks. We aim to bring about positive changes throughout the supply chain management process.

Our digital transformation solutions for supply chain management include:

  • No-touch supply chain planning, allowing for efficient and automated planning
  • Ad-hoc demand forecasting, providing real-time data to predict demand and improve inventory management
  • E-procurement, streamlining the procurement process and reducing costs
  • Dynamic pricing, enabling businesses to optimize prices in real-time based on market trends and demand
  • RFID-based warehouse management, increasing warehouse efficiency and accuracy
  • Multichannel order management, providing customers with a seamless and consistent ordering experience
  • Robotic process automation, automating routine supply chain tasks to improve efficiency and reduce errors
  • Blockchain-based traceability in cargo transportation and handling, improving visibility and transparency in the supply chain.

Customer Service Transformation

We specialize in customer service transformation by creating fast, helpful, and proactive digital experiences that drive lasting customer loyalty. We help businesses transform their customer service and create a positive impact on their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our digital transformation solutions include:

  • IoT-enabled remote servicing to provide faster and more efficient customer support
  • A multi-channel customer service desk that enables customers to contact businesses through their preferred channels
  • AI adoption for task automation and data-driven insights to improve customer case resolution time
  • Implementing intelligent chatbots that can provide instant assistance to customers and improve overall customer experience.

Digital Tranformation for Corporate Finance

Our digital transformation solutions help businesses automate up to 90% of their corporate finance tasks, resulting in significant cost and time savings while improving financial data accuracy.

Elements of digital transformation:

  • Automated document processing, financial calculations, and bookkeeping.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence for big data processing to support financial planning and analysis.
  • In-house banking and automated POBO, ROBO/COBO operations.
  • Utilizing blockchain-based recordkeeping to enhance the security of sensitive data.

Workforce Transformation

Our aim is to provide cutting-edge digital tools to empower your employees with advanced skills and more efficient ways of working.

Digital transformation components:

  • Automated document lifecycle.
  • Low-code applications for rapid automation of daily tasks and workflows.
  • Digital workspaces for team collaboration.
  • Secure environment for remote work.
  • E-learning tools for continuous learning.
  • API-driven infrastructure for seamless integration of internal and external systems.

Manufacturing Digital Transformation

At Ways and Means Technology, we can assist your transition to a smart factory and help you increase productivity and quality by implementing Industry 4.0 concepts.

Elements of digital transformation:

  • Sensor-equipped machinery to enable predictive maintenance and provide real-time data on machinery condition
  • Digital twin technology for virtual simulations and real-world application
  • Connected workers for better process control and collaboration
  • Quality control measures to ensure high-quality product output

Healthcare digital transformation

Our healthcare digital transformation solutions open up new opportunities for remote patient care, particularly useful during times of social distancing and for patients living in remote or rural areas. We also leverage technology to enhance the quality of patient diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Key elements of our digital transformation solutions:

  • Telemedicine services for remote consultations and virtual care.
  • IoT-enabled wearable devices for remote health monitoring and tracking of patients and hospital staff locations.
  • RFID-based inventory management for hospitals.
  • Medical image analysis using artificial intelligence.
  • Virtual reality (VR) solutions for various educational and treatment purposes.
  • Digital patient engagement through portals and mobile applications.

Financial Service Transformation

We assist banking, payment, lending, and investment firms in achieving digital agility in the rapidly evolving BFSI sector by providing custom process automation solutions and advanced technologies.

Digital Transformation Elements:

  • Automated omnichannel customer service operations.
  • Intelligent risk assessment.
  • AI-assisted client interaction.
  • Decentralized finance.
  • Advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Scalable IT infrastructure to handle the increasing volume of financial data.
  • Open APIs for sharing financial data and creating new services.

Enterprise transformation

We adopt a comprehensive approach to detect and enhance all inefficiencies and pain points that negatively impact your processes across any business domain. We prioritize goals and actions to maintain the momentum of your digital transformation and deliver an early return on your investment.

Elements of digital transformation:

  • Modernization of costly-to-maintain legacy software.
  • Development of new business software.
  • Migration to cloud infrastructure.

Our Digital Transformation Process


In-Depth Business Current State

At this step, we:

  • Gather information about the business: size, location, processes, business model(s), product/service lines, supply chains, and finance.
  • Identify the company's goals and roadmap for future development.
  • Consolidate different stakeholders' opinions and advise on how the strategy may be tuned for digital transformation.
  • Define the business areas that require transformation and thoroughly study them using business process assessment, interviews, problems/goals decomposition, and value stream mapping.
  • Identify areas of waste, including manual and repetitive activities, defects in end products or processes, irrational use of assets or space, miscommunication, poorly coordinated activities between employees, and wasted data.

Digital transformation strategy

At this step, we:

  • Establish long-term digital transformation goals for the organization.
  • Prioritize goals based on their expected impact and urgency.
  • Develop a sequence of manageable initiatives to achieve the goals.
  • Evaluate each initiative in terms of cost, time, and manpower requirements.

Digital Transformation Implementation

During this stage, we offer assistance in the following areas:

  • IT infrastructure transformation: We strive to reduce costs while enabling technology-driven innovation.
  • Implementation of new software: Our aim is to bring about the required improvements to business processes.
  • Transformation of existing software solutions: We align them with current business needs, making them more maintainable and user-friendly.
  • Integration of business systems: We ensure seamless integration of internal systems and third-party apps and services.
  • Setup of data analytics: We provide data analytics of varying complexity, from descriptive data analysis to data science.
  • Digital testing: We provide tailored digital testing that covers end-to-end functional, integration, performance, security, usability, and data migration testing for digital transformation projects.

Mitigating Risks

During the digital transformation process, we take measures to mitigate the following risks:

  • Operational complexity that may make applications user-unfriendly or processes difficult to adopt.
  • Poor performance of business applications resulting from improper architecture.
  • Vulnerabilities in cybersecurity systems.
  • Data breaches or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.
  • Non-compliance with sectoral regulations by digital solutions.
  • Cost and time overruns.

Program and project management

At this step, we manage all the planned activities for digital transformation, ensuring efficient coordination of multiple autonomous teams, cost management, and delivery on time. We help achieve maximum business value for the given budget and establish the practice of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Our program and project management services include:

  • Coordination of multiple autonomous teams involved in the digital transformation process.
  • Effective cost management to ensure maximum business value for the given budget.
  • Establishment of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.
  • Delivery deadline management and mitigation of possible delays.
  • Regular progress reporting on the digital transformation process.
  • Flexibility to adjust the digital transformation strategy in response to changing circumstances.

Digital Transformation Technologies we use to ensure Return on Investment (RoI)

Artificial intelligence & data science
Augmented & virtual reality
Cloud computing
Digital twins
Edge computing & low-latency network
Image analysis
Internet of Things
Machine & deep learning
Natural language processing
Robotic process automation

What Profit and Business Value will Digital Transformation create for your Business


  • Asset efficiency
  • Labor productivity
  • Sales opportunities
  • Digital conversions


  • Paperwork
  • Operational costs
  • Machinery downtime
  • Order lead time


  • Product quality control
  • Response to demand fluctuations
  • Employee satisfaction


  • Document routing
  • Response to demand fluctuations
  • Resolution of customer service cases


  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Approval procedures
  • Business performance metrics

Key to Digital Transformation


Our team of digital transformation consultants assesses the current technology infrastructure to ensure its preparedness for the future. Our solutions for digital transformation empower clients to operate through modern, cloud-native applications that are both robust and scalable.


As a prominent digital transformation firm, we recognize that people are the cornerstone of successful digital transformation, and we prioritize their needs accordingly. Our approach involves fostering a collaborative, integrated work environment that transcends silos. We offer solutions such as skills development and strategic sourcing to support our clients' transformation journeys.


Creating a culture that fosters creativity is fundamental to the success of any digital transformation initiative. At our digital transformation consultancy, our experts specialize in managing this cultural shift to ensure maximum return on investment from digital investments. We work collaboratively with our clients to build a work environment that inspires creativity and innovation, enabling them to achieve their digital transformation goals.


Our digital transformation services aim to expedite your company's digital transformation journey by integrating intelligent systems that are scalable and capable of acquiring and utilizing knowledge. By doing so, we help our clients to minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks, thus increasing their overall efficiency. Our approach streamlines business operations and maximizes productivity, enabling our clients to realize their digital transformation goals in a timely and effective manner.


Our digital transformation strategy is designed to be sustainable, scalable, repeatable, and easily replicable. We achieve this by thoroughly analyzing our clients' business operations and identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and standardize practices. Our approach is tailored to each client's specific needs and is implemented with the goal of improving throughput and streamlining processes. By introducing industry best practices and customized solutions, we enable our clients to achieve long-term success and position themselves for growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


In order to make informed decisions about digital transformation, decision makers require insights that span across functions and can be measured on an ongoing basis to provide a comprehensive understanding of what is effective and what needs improvement. At our digital transformation services team, we collaborate with clients to identify the most appropriate metrics that can shape the culture and enhance the digital experience delivery. By leveraging customized metrics and data-driven insights, our approach enables clients to achieve sustainable growth and success through effective digital transformation initiatives.

Let Our Digital Transformation Consultants Help You As a prominent digital transformation company with a global presence across the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Canada, Ways and Means Technology boasts extensive experience across various business models, enabling us to help businesses grow rapidly, improve operational efficiency, and mature digitally. Our team of expert digital transformation consultants specializes in providing clients with customized solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance security, and introduce innovative ways of organizing processes. By leveraging our expertise, clients can achieve their digital transformation goals with confidence and precision.
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Why Partner with Ways and Means Technology for Your Digital Business Transformation?

As a digital transformation services provider, we specialize in helping businesses achieve concrete outcomes and establish flexible processes by providing tailored solutions based on an assessment of their current capabilities. Our services assist you in:


Facilitate a speedy and comprehensive digital transformation process for your business.


Create new sources of revenue for your business.


Reduce costs and risks by providing informed decision-making.


Redefining how you engage with your current and potential customers.


Make your business more agile and responsive to market trends.


Adapt and master the latest and emerging technologies.


Assist you in implementing these technologies in new and innovative ways.

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