Deals and Flash Sales have become a very important part of E-Commerce sites. Everyone is looking for some extra discount or offers to reduce the price of the product at the time of purchasing. This brings us to an idea to build a hot deal and flash sale app that helps people to purchase products from time to time and provide them with good discounts and offers at the same time. This will also help in boosting the profitability and increasing the user base as well. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to create a hot deal and flash sale app you are at the right place. We Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd, have made an exemplary app with top-notch features that will outperform your business in the competitive marketplace. Let’s have a look at it!

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Benefits of Flash Sale and Hot Deal App

Sell low demand Products

With the help of flash sales in the application, merchants can sell the products which are in low demand nowadays or which have gone out of trend.

Sell excess inventory

Sometimes merchants have to hold inventories to cost cutting which results in more than inventory. So merchants can sell their inventory which is in excess with the help of flash sales.

Attract New Customers

Many new customers can be made via this feature as everyone wants to buy orders at low prices.

Boost Profits

Merchants can boost their profits by selling out of trends products at a bit low prices but in large quantities.

Important Features of our Flash Sale and Hot Deal App


The process of Registration and logging in has been made easy with the hassle-free process from our experienced developers.

Deal of the Day

This feature shows deals that are day specific. Users can save big on a great deal of the day before it's gone.

Count Down Timer

This feature helps keep reminding users of the time left to end the deal. Admin can set the timer with this feature.


This helps show that the flash sale is currently live and users can avail benefits of it. Moreover, users who have already subscribed to the app can also avail benefits as the sale could open early for them.


Any time users can add products that they would like to purchase in near future to their wishlist using this feature.

Relatable Products

The user will get a list of all the relatable products of the selected product and can also compare them.

No Cost EMI/Bank Offers

Users can have a look at all the no-cost EMI options and bank offers while looking at the product description.


With the instant reply and auto-reply feature, users will become more trustworthy which will boost the business.

Add to Cart

The user can add all the products which he is planning to buy to the cart and can pay for them at once.

Deals by Category

Under this feature, all the deals will be categorized under the category so users can look and choose easily.

Manage Wallet

This is an essential part of the application as it can be used while making transactions in one go.

Bought Together

This feature generally helps in boosting the profitability of the business.

Offers and Coupons

Merchants can set any offers and coupons they want on a specific product and users can also look at the product description page.

Powerful Dashboard

Admin will have a powerful dashboard that is filled with all the important stats like the total number of orders, total number of users, revenue generated, etc.

Refunds and Returns

If the product is under the time frame then the user can return the product and can get a refund. All the information regarding return and refund will be under this section.

Order History

Users and merchants both can go through the order history to at all the past orders and keep track of them.

Steps to develop Hot deals and Flash Sale App

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Well we understand the importance of confidentiality in the modern daytime. So we agreed to sign the non-disclosure agreement with our clients.

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We will be providing free 24*7 consultations and technical support for the issues you have after the submission of the application.

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We will be providing free 24*7 consultation and solutions for the issues you have after the submission of the application.

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Our Company consists of full-time experts which have more than 10 years of experience in the market of app development.

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Our system is completely white and help you with building your brand is our priority which we ensure we will do free of cost.

Our Step-by-Step Process to Build Hot deals and Flash Sale App

Requirement Analysis

Our goal in this step is to get a detailed definition of the requirements. So in this preliminary step of the development process, our business analyst will get in touch with you to discuss the requirements of the project.


In the second step, our developers will design the architecture of the project. We lay focus on the uniqueness and efficiency of the in-process development of the project.


At this stage, while keeping in mind previously defined requirements, our developers start writing the code. Moreover, front-end programmers develop the user interface of the program and the logic for its interaction with the server.


The testing phase includes the debugging process. All the code flaws missed during the development are detected here, documented, and passed back to the developers to fix. The testing process repeats until all the critical issues are removed and the project workflow is stable.


When the project is finalized and has no critical issues we launch it for the end-users.

Maintenance & Support

We generally provide maintenance and support services(technical and non-technical) at zero price. Our team will be assisting you on regular basis regarding the queries and challenges that you may face with time.


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