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With the ever-increase in digital services, the data in the tech world is difficult to manage. Due to expensive hardware and infrastructure, it’s not feasible either to take these services. Azure is the realistic solutions for all the business to migrate and manage the data virtually. Microsoft azure is the suite for cloud computing services, that allows the business to develop, test, deploy and manage their application. The azure is the right platform for businesses to save cost, accelerate big-data queries, quick data integration, and process of complex-computing.

Azure provides different services for all business needs such as platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).
What is our expertise in Windows Azure Development Services

  • Migration, integration, and optimization services in Azure.
  • Consultancy services.
  • Secure and scalable application development with Azure.
  • Amazon web services (AWS) cloud management services.
  • Cloud-native app services.
  • Cloud to the cloud and B2B services.
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We develop web applications for startups, Enterprises & Consumers Liberate the power of Azure for building scalable, interactive, and custom solutions with our top-notch development services.


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Azure Development Services

Azure Compute

This provides quick virtual machine services, microservices management, scalable cloud solution, and a visual studio app center.

Azure Networking

This features offers hybrid frameworks to scale up the business by cloud infrastructure. Businesses can deliver the application to the various virtual network securely and filter the network traffic and monitor the resources.

Azure storage

Microsoft Azure allows the business to reduce the cost of on-premises hardware, and all the data is managed in the Azure storage like Data lake store, Service Bus, Store Simple, etc which are secure and encrypted. It offers scalable stores for all data types such as data objects, disk storage, files, and message storage.

Azure Database

Azure databases like Data factory, Azure Cosmo DB, etc are the scalable and relational DB for cloud services. Features such as hyper-scale storage options automatically scale up the resources as per demand. Its AI-powered and automation feature makes it a good performer and efficient.

Azure Management tools

To manage the application on the cloud there are various tools like Traffic Manager, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure Monitor, etc. These tools help in managing the infrastructure and quickly deploying resources.

Identity and security

Azure active directory helps in managing cloud-based identity and access management service. For keeping the data secure and restricted Key Vault helps in thereby securing the APIs and Password.

Why Should you choose Windows Azure Services

Mircosoft Azure being one of the best cloud service providers brought innovation in the field of how data is being managed and deployed. It enhances the development, deployment, and scalability of the application with low infrastructure costs. Renders security and privacy within the cloud environment, with the integrated big-data solution and enables fast delivery with all the tools under one roof.

Empower your business with Azure and increase your reach worldwide through Microsoft’s powered tool.

What Azure Development Services are we providing?

  • Consulting services: Start your cloud tour with our proficient team. Get a feasible solution for all your business problems.
  • Cloud enables App development: Build your website and mobile application with cloud enriched services, scale up your business.
  • Integration solution: Integrate your existing system with cloud-based solution, save money and resources.
  • Migration solution: Initiate your tour with cloud, Migrate your business on Azure and embrace virtual infrastructure.
  • Cloud-native services: Leverage the azure offers such as PaaS, SaaS, and LaaS as per your business needs.
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Solutions: Azure IoT Suite brings a way to monitor and manage your IoT-connected devices, and enhance your experience.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation: Manage your cloud services automatically and get away from the recursive work.
  • Microsoft Azure Managed Services: Our team helps your business application in upgrading and managing the application in Azure virtual machine.
  • Maintenance: Get constant support from our expert team for your cloud-based services and application.
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What we bring to the table with our Azure Development Services

We are well equipped and are serving across multiple industries

Impressive Portfolio of 800+ Web Applications

We have experience of developing more than 800 web applications with user base of 10 million plus users.

Core Competence in Microsoft Development

Passionate workforce team of Microsoft certified Asp.Net developers.

Extensive tools to track project progress

We equip our clients with tools to regularly monitor the project progress.

Confidentiality and Security

Life time confidentiality and security commitments.

Custom Mobile App Development Experts

We have expertise in crafting the clients idea into successful business app.

Well-Organized Infrastructure

Unlike freelancer developers or unorganized teams our organization has a well defined and disciplined infrastructure within.

Well-Timed & In-Budget

Time is money and we take care of it by working in a disciplined environment with outcome based focus ensuring timely delivery keeping the budget and time log book as promised.

More than a decade Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 12 years which has given us experience in serving our clients with huge potential of our team.

Latest technologies and versions

Our team keeps on updating themselves and thus provides clients opportunity for getting their iOS apps developed on the most updated versions and releases by Apple Inc.

We Are Ways and Means Technology,
And We Deserve 5 Star Rating

Our developed IT products are extremely well managed and user centric. We believe in long term business relationships. The client repetition ratio of 90% says it all about our customer satisfaction standards.

Client Testimonials

Hear And Read Success Stories Straight From Our Client.

Development Process

We use proven work methodologies which are key to effective & efficient solutions and successful project delivery for our client


In this phase we gather business requirement and propose the approach or methodology to the client and carve scope at the end of discussion.

Team Deployment

In this phase, assemble a project team and Determine roles and responsibilities of the project team to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Sprint Execution & Delivery

We plan for sprints based on project requirements and follow sequential process incorporating iterations, if any. Ensure transparency across the process until we finish our work.

Project Analysis

Once project has been given the go-ahead, it's time to stamp out the scope, schedule, and cost of a project. Analysis is very important to proceed further to the next step.

Sign-up and Kick-off.

Once the team is assigned, it's time to start the project development.

WM Innovation Labs Delivering Nothing But The Best

Working for our clients even before we meet them

Our technology incubation unit, we call it WM Innovation Lab is our research lab where we EXPLORE latest technology updates, we BRAINSTORM best standards, we DISCOVER best methodologies, we INNOVATE new products, we CREATE best solutions.

This helps us get the best solutions to the clients in minimum time frame. We have a dedicated team of senior developers for our lab.

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