Software-as-a-Service Development

At Ways and Means, we believe SaaS has the potential to be a progressively sustainable substitute for outdated on-premise software applications, regardless of all the challenges relating to the adoption and acceptance of on-demand software. The SaaS-based IT development with worldwide fame and approval is because of the fast change in the business competitive atmosphere and dynamics. Global lead firms are accepting the prototype shift that SaaS has been offering us for the business applications in designing, development, delivery, and consumption.

Why now is the time for SaaS App Development

  • $418.92 billion

    SaaS market estimation till 2025

  • 70%

    organizations are planning or are already investing in SaaS apps

  • 30-45%

    faster time to market observed by companies that went SaaS

Besides, the acceptance of SaaS is bound to upsurge as technology expands and grows with time. Based on this view, we offer a range of solid value schemes through SaaS offering to our clients, including suggested services to help our customers know the best opportunities with SaaS implementation. Even the users and clients from around the globe have recognized that SaaS has great potential over cost reduction, improving sales, and making a better delivery process.

The increase in the prices of commodities and to run a business, confirming resource and investment savings, improved time for market and a quick response towards change in the business strategies (competition to acquire the latest technology and that too quickly and then to offer the same to their clients) are few of the finger-tip dares that firm should take and in-fact take care of it to sustain in this competitive world.

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SaaS acceptance is a global job; businesses of all sizes accept and adapt its model in their firms, be it a small-scale company, mid-sized, or large, every firm is adopting it. Also, SaaS doesn’t end at software delivery; it has its wide wings all over the enterprise applications such as security management, acquiescence management, governance, and few core business markets – CRM, Enterprise Integration, HR collaboration, Human capital management and Enterprise integration. The role and implication is changing continually; many in-house businesses depends on IT firms for their SaaS implementation.

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The capabilities that Ways and Means hold and help in delivering the SaaS services include

SAAS Consulting

This help activities like possibility check of existing architecture of the product for SaaS allowance, instructions and designing a road map for a successful evolution. Ways and Means SaaS consulting service help clients with their any size capital fund by improved agility, faster ROI, lower TCO.

Architecture Definition Roadmap

This brings you the tough architecture which is multi-occupier, accessible and configurable to attain the low-cost of scale client.

Enriched User Experience

The purpose of UI is always to enhance appearance rich visually, this provide spontaneous SaaS application by retaining best practices of Industry.


Our SaaS services and solutions efficiently cut-off time to market and release cycle as because it has been supported by Ways and Means’ agile methodology in a distributed environment in order to improve the quality what we are delivering to our customers.

SOA Integration

Incorporation of SaaS applications and apps with customers’ other on-premise is a big deal, because it is matter of firewall as both exists across a firewall. Ways and Means has tough abilities in drawing Web-service integration solutions to avoid such risks.


Testing phase is very crucial , validating the solution with expertise engineers to check whether the SaaS application met performance and security demand.

Benefits of SaaS

Earlier to run a business, people were forced to invest to buy or build and maintain the IT infrastructure regardless of high costs. SaaS has provided an alternative to such companies. They even let you use services via plug-in and by subscribing which are built on shared platform, infrastructure over the internet. The model has been succeeded over the years because of its valuable benefits for all types and sizes. Here are what influencing customers to use it

High Acceptance

The application can be adopted by any device or computer...

High Acceptance

The application can be adopted by any device or computer system and that too anywhere and anytime. The reason behind this may the familiarity of people with internet and its use so they could be able to adopt SaaS apps with high rate but a low learning amount.

Effortless Upgrades

Usually there is a headache for upgradation, when you need...

Effortless Upgrades

Usually there is a headache for upgradation, when you need to download and install the update. Having SaaS means no tension for upgrading; SaaS provider manages all for you. There is no need to add hardware, bandwidth or software to it as a user.

Unified Incorporation

SaaS merchants with real multi-occupier architectures...

Unified Incorporation

SaaS merchants with real multi-occupier architectures can balance forever to see client request. So many SaaS dealers also provide customized skills to fulfill explicit requirements. Addition to it, some offer APIs which let you participate with current business productivity system or ERP systems.

Common API in single stack

For BaaS, lot of resources and time has been applied...

Common API in single stack

For BaaS, lot of resources and time has been applied in order to make the data and network better for mobile apps. Reducing the compatibility in different platforms and devices.

Industries We Serve

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Our developed IT products are extremely well managed and user centric. We believe in long term business relationships. The client repetition ratio of 90% says it all about our customer satisfaction standards.

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Development Process

We use proven work methodologies which are key to effective & efficient solutions and successful project delivery for our client


In this phase we gather business requirement and propose the approach or methodology to the client and carve scope at the end of discussion.

Team Deployment

In this phase, assemble a project team and Determine roles and responsibilities of the project team to start planning how to manage the project so it can achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Sprint Execution & Delivery

We plan for sprints based on project requirements and follow sequential process incorporating iterations, if any. Ensure transparency across the process until we finish our work.

Project Analysis

Once project has been given the go-ahead, it's time to stamp out the scope, schedule, and cost of a project. Analysis is very important to proceed further to the next step.

Sign-up and Kick-off.

Once the team is assigned, it's time to start the project development.

WM Innovation Labs Delivering Nothing But The Best

Working for our clients even before we meet them

Our technology incubation unit, we call it WM Innovation Lab is our research lab where we EXPLORE latest technology updates, we BRAINSTORM best standards, we DISCOVER best methodologies, we INNOVATE new products, we CREATE best solutions.

This helps us get the best solutions to the clients in minimum time frame. We have a dedicated team of senior developers for our lab.

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