The aftermarket industry is rising and will be at its peak after some time. Garage owners are looking for an application where they can manage all the services and orders that they receive from car owners. So this brings us to an idea to make a Garage Management App. Our Garage Management App helps Garage Owners manage and have a complete solution to all the problems related to orders, services, and payments. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a Garage Management App that is the need of the hour you are at the right place. We Ways & Means Technology Pvt Ltd, have made an exemplary Garage Management App with top-notch features that will outperform your business in the competitive marketplace. Let’s have a look at it!

Experts Problem Solvers
Regular Updates & Bug fixes
Creative Product Analytics
High-Rated Quick Support

Garage Management, an all-in-one platform!

Reduce Costs

Our app can help you with reducing unnecessary expenses due to unnecessary replacements.

Easy Reports

Our application provides easy reports regarding everything which makes decision-making easy and helps to drive good business.

Increase Revenue

Quick estimation and saving time will help in increasing the revenue of the business.

Easy to Use

The application made by our developers with more than 10 years of experience is very easy to use.

Business Booster

The app developed by our experienced developers will you in boosting the business and earning more profit.

Features of our Garage Management App

Job Card

It is a type of card that indicates that a record date is related to a specific job. It also shows details regarding the time taken on the job.

Easy Estimate

This feature shows estimate regarding the services and parts to the potential customers as they need to know.

Billing & Invoicing

Nowadays more people are shifting to the electronic invoicing of the bills as they are easy to carry and remind. Our application helps in regard to billing and invoicing by providing E-invoicing services.

Orders Management

This section keeps track of all the orders and also shows their status at the same time.

Garage Management

Our application is feasible enough to provide the solutions to manage the expenses regarding the garage and a specific job.

Reporting & Analytics

With the help of better and timely reports, you can understand the requirements for the improvement of the business clearly. Reports consist of everything from sales to accounts to payments.

Service Reminders

This feature is very important as it reminds garage owners of the pending services. Owners can easily know which vehicles are due or overdue for service.

Inventory Management

This feature helps the owner to keep track of all the parts as you buy or sell them online.

Service History

The history of all the services given will be shown in the list format with date and time and amount as well.

Push Notifications

Every update regarding the service and payment will be received by the push notifications in the application.


This section will contain all the information reading the accounting in the application.

Intelligent Dashboard

The dashboard provided to the Admin consists of all the information like orders, accounts, reports, payments, etc.

Status Type

Status type will be shown like whether the service is pending, in progress, or completed.

Payment Options

There are several payment options like UPI, debit card, credit card, etc available in our application.

Why Choose Us?

White Label Solution

Our system is completely white and helping you with building your brand is our priority which we ensure we will do free of cost.

Technical Support

We will be providing free 24*7 consultations and technical support for the issues you have after the submission of the application.


We fully understand the importance of business data. Our experienced developers will keep your business data confidential and classified while working on the app.

Mobile App Experts

Our Company consists of full-time experts which have more than 10 years of experience in the market of app development.

License for Lifetime

After a one-time payment, the whole script of our App will be provided for a lifetime. No hidden charges.

Our Step-by-Step Process for Garage Management App

Requirement Analysis

Our goal in this step is to get a detailed definition of the requirements. So in this preliminary step of the development process, our business analyst will get in touch with you to discuss the requirements of the project.


In the second step, our developers will design the architecture of the project. We lay focus on the uniqueness and efficiency of the in-process development of the project.


At this stage, while keeping in mind previously defined requirements, our developers start writing the code. Moreover, front-end programmers develop the user interface of the program and the logic for its interaction with the server.


The testing phase includes the debugging process. All the code flaws missed during the development are detected here, documented, and passed back to the developers to fix. The testing process repeats until all the critical issues are removed and the project workflow is stable.


When the project is finalized and has no critical issues we launch it for the end-users.

Maintenance & Support

We generally provide maintenance and support services(technical and non-technical) at zero price. Our team will be assisting you on regular basis regarding the queries and challenges that you may face with time.

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