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Software Projects that are taken up around a fixed budget, timeframe and requirements are referred to as Fixed Price Projects.

Projects that are defined for number of hours come under as Flexi – Time & Requirement Model.

Custom teams are built as per the customer requirement and specification. Complete technical and operational support is delivered in building and executing the projects.

Small or medium level projects are best suited types of project for this model where effective communication with feedbacks, ideas and suggestion between the client and the company is must. It's a win-win situation for both the client as well as the company as it helps to achieve high quality solution on time and within budget.

Variable Size projects on which scope freeze is a complex task. The project requirements evolve with development and thus requires longer implementation phase, such large scale and complex projects are best administered and achieved using this engagement model.

Core teams are built with specific resources around it as per the requirement which reduces the operational, skilled resource cost and the delivery model is decided in terms of maximum utilization of customer's resources.

We use agile model of software development lifecycle as it ensures fast results and early return on investment opportunities. Agile methodology also involves closer participation of the customer in the actual project development process which allows cushioning of the unpredictable changes in the requirement.

WM team will work with you in order to define the realistic pattern based on the project complexity, proposed timelines, planned budgets, and anticipated challenges by closely studying your business, market and project requirement. After identifying the various tasks, mapping of number of hours required is done on each task as per the anticipations. Here detailed reports are supplied of the hours spent (outline) keeping in focus the resource limitations.

Dedicated Team work as an extension to the clients on-sight team remotely. WM analyzes the challenges, specifications and linking mechanism and accordingly envisage the IT strategy and Vision by forming a project team with team members, project managers, equipment, infrastructures thus implementing a remote office for client with low cost and low risk implications.

  • Predictability

  • Reliability

  • Optimized Performance

  • Fixed Scope

  • Better and Effective Control.

  • Get the best without direct hire.

  • Flexibility and Scalability to Cost & time optimization for client

  • Daily Reporting

  • Dedicated Relationships

  • Quality/ Resource Framework

  • Specialized training of team for client specifications.