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E-Commerce and Shopping

Ways and Means E-Commerce Platform

The meaning of E-Commerce is not just concise up to web-based services; it is about allowing brands, merchants and brochure to be more customer-centric across network.

The ever-budding, tech-perception, cross network client is discovering several channels to find and shop for goods, at the best costs. Ways and Means' E-Commerce Boards will help you get flexible, efficient and agile solution to preserve digital arrangements in nearby orientation with your non-digital set up, thus permitting a smooth switch to a client-centric prototype.

Client Challenges :

  • Deficiency of a customer-centric prototype

  • Incapability to survive with the developments in expertise that permit customers with right of entry to various supermarket run networks

  • Unproductive client meeting.

  • Increasing budgets

  • Speedily varying customer deeds

  • Unstable customer reliabilities

  • Demand of customer and short product lifecycle

A Comprehensive Integrated Platform

Ways and Means' E-Commerce Policy is a sufficient rich-featured "boxed trade" structure which will not only fits your prototype necessities but also houses your precise needs. It includes best practices and worldwide standards to offer enhanced features for the following:

  • Retailing and promotional proficiencies

  • Consumer service and analysis

  • Order supervision and satisfaction

  • Greater shopping involvement

Our E-Commerce Partner Suite

Ways and Means' E-Commerce Platform is a sole e-Commerce platform where an entirely combined network of e-Commerce associates, brought up through a single-achieved bond.

Our e-Commerce partner package, offers the following assistances:

  • Quicker time-to-market at lesser charges

  • Likely to power the returns of a new partnership program that might get extra to your current system at a advanced phase

Managed Business Structure

The Managed infrastructure of Commerce is a part of the end-to-end proposal for brands, brochure and stores to devote extra time outlining and implementing commercial plans and customer actions rather than concentrating on the day-to-day organization management.

This provides brands, brochures and retailers with the following advantages:

  • Introducing e-Commerce site(s) with the 24x7-accomplished hosting opportunities of open cloud, private cloud or outmoded organization prototype.

  • Handling new incorporations, upgrades or new publications with whole individuality and governance.

Managed eCommerce Business

Ways and Means' achieved Market Commercial service area which can back up with brochures, brands and retailers with the countless corporate services and responsibilities desired for day-to-day e-Commerce actions.

We can support your professional operational team to concentrate on new developments and many other value-added tasks whereas our expertise business solutions team has achieves the following industry processes:

  • Site actions

  • Analysis

  • Retailing and content supervision

  • Network processes

  • Order development management

  • Campaign organization

We work with our customers to recognize their requirements initially and then generate a commerce services platform which is perfect for you.

Take the Ways and Means Advantage

Partner with Ways and Means to pull the following profits:

  • To execute your online ecommerce business strategy effectively, we provide our e-Commerce platform to care your host of online eCommerce models.

  • We implement industrial best procedures and model to maintain a great level of costumer-centricity.

  • Provide your money-value an addition in your e-Commerce plan and produce nonstop achievements with the following:

    • Refreshment in the Technology

    • Cooperative investigation and suggested model

    • Commerce consultative program (CCP)

    • Endless seek for improvement

  • Our supple engagement model associate solutions and services to provide e-Business and multiple channel programs at lesser Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and sooner time-to-market

  • Also we suggest a flexible and linked method to allow the plug-n-play solution mechanisms.

We work with our customers to recognize their requirements initially and then generate a commerce services platform which is perfect for you.


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  • 150 + highly qualified professionals.
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