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Drupal is an open source and free content management system (CMS) which has been prepared in PHP. It is basically a development platform which offers a strict stability in creating, developing and managing web content. The very important feature of Drupal is that it is an open source framework which is available for everyone with no cost that allow easy and quick access to the original code who wants to work on it.

Ways and Means Technology provides customized web applications and websites being developed in Drupal which are meant for the customers’ business needs. We deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective Drupal services to almost every sized company in the World. Our solutions are consisting of Rich Internet Applications which includes our experience, expertise and technology with the latest trends being used in the market.

Drupal Development Services

Drupal is a leading PHP based platform that allows the management of websites and that too so safely and securely on internet. Drupal is mostly used for developing websites with high traffic structure. The long list of its numerous features is never-ending which can be used to enhance the performance of the websites and provide a unique way to customize your product in a way you want it.

Ways and Means Technologies suggest the following services in Drupal:

  • Web Content Management

  • Associate networking

  • Delivering distribution

  • Creation of personal blogs with Drupal

  • Drupal JavaScript Libraries to develop
    rich user interface

  • Customization of contributes and core Drupal units

  • Customization in module development

  • Sites Maintenance

  • Customization of Drupal templates according
    to the client.

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Features of Drupal

Expected Deliverables:

  • Open Source CMS

  • Customization: It permits personalization of the web contents according to client’s requirement

  • Authentication of User: Drupal gives right to create users to whom can assign permissions on the
    basis of their roles and groups.

  • Group Content: Drupal has a feature to export the RDF and RSS content format for growing the website visibility

  • Cost Operative: The best quality of Drupal is that it is open source software so anybody can use it
    and no need to pay license fees or development cost.

  • No dependency on Database: As Drupal provides the database connectivity that’s because of its inbuilt abstraction layer which works as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • Analysis and Tracking: Drupal has the capability to generate the browser based reports with
    information on content recognition, referrals and user navigations of the website.

  • Friendly Search Engine: Drupal’s content output has been designed to follow some standard rules
    to boost SEO’s. It can be configured for friendly URL’s.

  • Extensible and Modular: Drupal‘s extended version permit adding features like forums, e-commerce
    and blogs, etc.

What Can We Do For You?

Ways and Means Technologies delivers cost-effective and trustworthy Drupal service to its customers. To encounter their business objectives, we at Ways and Means provide integration of multiple platforms and conventions. Severe knowledge, proficiency in developing Drupal applications, manipulating capabilities are some characteristic features of our Drupal developments which makes us stand out of the league.


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