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Sugar CRM Integration & Development

The Purpose of SugarCRM is to provide the most popular and inexpensive open source Customer Relationship Management to the IT industry. It has been developed using PHP. Basically it is designed to offer support for the entire core Customer Relationship Management functionalities crossing marketing, customer service, sales, etc. thus allowing you to manage customer relations more efficiently and competently.

The tool is available with different versions for both free and paid where all are designed to meet different heights of difficulties of CRM requirements therefore with the different demands different types of CRM are available. The commercial edition which comes with cost viz. Sugar enterprise and Sugar Professional are best for medium sized and big firms. Whereas Sugar Community which is a free edition is ideal suited for small scale industries

Advantages of using Sugar CRM:

  • Easy understanding the needs of customer

  • Deliver a best result everytime

  • Easy customizable

  • Automation of difficult tasks

  • Flexible and easy-going CRM

  • Multiple plug-ins integration

  • Automates CRM functionalities

  • As Open Source, Cost effectiveness

Skilled Developers for SugarCRM

Our team of SugarCRM developers has already worked on “SugarCRM” Solutions for industries extending from large corporates to small industries which include IT, HealthCare, Finance, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Retail and so on. We have also supported Business-tycoons who wanted to promote/upgrade their Customer Relationship Management systems into SugarCRM.

We hold the necessary experience and skill to chief full-scale SugarCRM to develop new components and to extend alterations to plan your requirements, when the case is that the functionality requirement is so high that it cannot be met by previous SugarCRM modules. Now, these personalized units are developed by keeping the SugarCRM specifications in mind and then to ensure extensibility integral for upgrading with the latest sugarCRM version in the future.

Can We help in Developing SugarCRM for you?

With the great tool sugarCRM, we can help in sharing and organizing the customer-companies information, managing the relationship with the customer with the help of centralized unit. Also, you can take a look and infact can manage the customer reports and their performances towards your company within the different departments like sales, marketing, support etc. Therefore, with this system which is automated you can minimize the cost of administration and can improve the performance, also value of your business. Either you are looking to improve the competences of your existing solution, or moving towards the SugarCRM, or converting the existing CRM solution to meet your exact needs, we can always help you in utilizing SugarCRM to its correct and maximum potential.

Here are some of our many ways we can help in customize SugarCRM for your industry:

  • Automation in exchange of information from public websites and social networking

  • Sharing and capturing of data

  • Customizable and Sophisticated reporting

  • Exchange in the functionality of work Flow

  • Complex arrangement, like maintenance tracking, employment, Management, etc.

  • Numerous communication integration such as email, phone calls, VOIP and so on

We as SugarCRM developers have many ranges that we have achieved and have proved again and again to be expert at customizing the SugarCRM for on demand business needs.

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