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The most expanding World Tour and Travel industry desires to accomplish the extra ordinary progress in ways that withstand the extended-term environmental, social, and economic keenness of the paths and destinations explorers use. Ways and Means can benefit travel amenities firms—tour operators, hotels, car rental agencies and cruises —encounter such challenges by refining operations efficiency, customer satisfaction and adaptable business processes.

Ways and Means helps enterprises in the Tour, Travel and Transportation industries power expertise to creatively, widely and cost-efficiently address their most persistent industry desires.

Client Challenges

  • Growing globally while dealing with optimization, expenses and regulating practices

  • Creation of an agile IT design which is seamlessly capable of incorporating compound or attained objects

  • Progressively composite client gaining and collaboration lifespan

  • Enhanced swiftness-to-market and supervision of an ever-growing collection of goods and services

  • Advancing expertise to originate corporate models and refining effectiveness

  • Creation IT an energetic enabler of green creativities

  • Boosting actions with enterprise mobility

  • Utilizing social media influence

  • Creating continuality a modest differentiator

What Ways and Means Provides

Ways and Means helps tour and travel and transportation clients in managing returns cost equations, activate prevailing industries efficiently and figure out new reframing programs. Ways and Means offers inheritance modernization, e-commerce, an alteration services in enterprise systems, transaction treating systems, procedure re-engineering, expert flight systems and loyalty management solutions. The solutions we provide outfit to the complete value chain of the written industries:

  • Airlines

  • Hospitality

  • Railways

  • Transportation & Logistics

Ways and Means’ extensive set of offerings for the tour, travel, hospitality and transportation sectors comprises fare filling, loyalty bonus program, revenue accounting and fare audit, administration and more.

How Ways and Means distributes business value

We help hospitality, travel and transportation companies well support their IT plans and creativities to their industry objectives, and takes duty of executing these approaches, distributing a level of certainty of consequences no else company can compete. Associating with Ways and Means would outcome in the following profits:

  • Drop in IT process overheads by upto 30%

  • Enhanced ROI on IT investment costs

  • Capability to incorporate IT and arrangement services to generate truly original solutions

  • Access to Ways and Means’ Revolution Labs and Co-Innovation Network


We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: