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Multimedia and Publishing Industry

As Multimedia material achieved more and more thrust, the Media and Publishing Industry is undergoing a transformation. Revenue tracking system in Media and Publishing Companies is required to change to provide both printed material as well as online multimedia material. Our clients- major publisher and the second largest publisher in the US including other clients Ways and Means have already worked to develop and implement a solution for not only the traditional printed material but also for online multimedia material. We take the benefit of blend of Software and PeopleSoft functionality which is designed to acquire publishing industry requirements.

Ways and Means' internet publishing and advertising solutions have built over PeopleSoft's core internet architecture, configurable professional guidelines to lodge a varying business environment and vigorous development, workflow procedures costumed around the technique that your business works, and journalism tools to eventually permit you to encounter the following publication industry specification needs: credit functions, billing, accounts receivable, customer relationship management(CRM), order capture, rate card management, billing, accounts receivable, contract management, revenue recognition and accounting, and sales assignments.

Done with the installation of Ways and Means’ Media and Publishing solutions, you will be allowed to capably control and regulate each step of the Ad revenue cycle; you can take part in the unified integration with the organization’s PeopleSoft applications. This will enable you to utilize the productivity improvement technology like condition measuring and workflow.

Client Challenges

On the evolving product distribution channels, Media and information services firms need to take advantage whereas reducing costs, maintaining current revenue streams and increasing flexibility. The major challenges which are generally faced by industry are:

  • Revenue Loss from the traditional channels

  • Power new delivery stations

  • Smaller windows: time-to-market may be compromised

  • Troublesome technologies

  • Delivery of information, Content, services and advertising anytime, anywhere

  • Dissimilar and non-cohesive IT systems land

  • Inherited content systems are incapable to achieve data explosion and content complexity.

  • Existing content is in storehouse and unable to fully harness content value

  • Current content cannot be used for new purpose easily and dispersed across fresh passages

  • Inadequacy due to dissimilar and non-incorporate workflows

  • Necessity of providing appropriate search results & intellectual information

  • Incapability to monetize end user-generated social platforms and content

  • Present back-office functions are incapable to understand the commercial value of new gratified products

  • Absence of suppleness in IT architecture to permit incorporation with clients’ workflow process

  • Requirement of constant improvement to hold market control

The challenges are tough and we understand them hence we not only improve efficiencies in business but also assist business transformation. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Service Provider for the Media and Publishing Industry and is constantly devising ways and means for the publishers to expand the content distribution channels and evolve new advertising revenue streams.

The Information Services companies currently require developing an increasing number of data sources, and a collection of unstructured content comprising audio/video to provide exact actionable brainpower across several distribution networks rapidly because of digital revolution. Traditional publishers are moving towards online market. Pressure of Margin and the necessity to stand up in the value chain are motivating them to escalate their working efficiency and to move in to the customers’ workflow. To address the challenges, the industry is being pressurized to alter its technology & content operations

Ways and Means understand the challenges hence we can help driving the transformation. We associate our rich knowledge to deliver the best solutions and services in the industry with our gratified products, service alliances and offerings.

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