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Mobile Strategy – Mobile App Marketing Services

With the number of apps in the app store crossing 700,000 and revenue generation from the store hitting $5Billion and thousands of apps releasing everyday, app store is becoming an ever-growing, highly competitive and exciting market. Earning $$ from the store has become challenging task.

Looking at the other side of the IOS app development after doing enormous homework and research & Training we have helped and been helping many of our customers with their apps to, attract more target customers, achieve top ranks, competition analysis, getting good number of downloads, and other related activity so that we can give you a complete synergized package with app audit, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities to help you launch your app and achieve what you were targeting at when you just had an idea to go for an app.

We will help you plan and execute a well-tested and researched mobile application marketing strategy that suits your app domain and target customers, to boost your ROI and thus achieving and increasing the probability of success.

Pre Launch:
(Breaking Through the clutter)

App Audit

  •   Analyzing Uniqueness of your app

  •   Competition Analysis, how you can be projected different

  •   Quantitative & Qualitative Measurements on innovativeness, usability, on store popularity, online visibility.

  •   Analyzing Uniqueness of your app

  •   Gauge the instrument: Framing strategy to get all the things on the top.

(Making it to top Position)

Launch Strategy

  •   Pricing Strategy

  •   Promotional Strategy to make the app popular & visible during the launch

  •   Press Release Distribution to targeted media outlets.

  •   Social Media Managed promotions

  •   Strategically timing the app launch to get maximum users attention.

  •   Maintaining Communication Stream with target user group.

  •   Branding

Post Launch :
(Staying Popular)

App Store Submission

  •   App Naming, Keywords, Description and other metadata on the app store

  •   App Store Optimization

  •   Target Top Ranks as getting searched on store is prime source of target customers

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