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Hardware Integration Services

“Need is the mother of every innovation”, rightly said. Pervasive use of mobile phones is giving birth to innovations at finding out the ways to add functionalities to mobile phones. Initially, it was just to add functionalities like cameras, business card readers, media players and FM radios. Now in the second phase, where customers are given the maximum convenience by making custom hardware directly available to them which they can connect to their phones, for an instance, physical fitness monitoring equipment’s, credit card readers, armbands, sleep analysis device and remote controllers for equipment and more; the need of hardware integration services is growing extremely fast in the modern times.

The drift is to take maximum advantage of the nearby available mobile phones and use them to:

  • Replace more traditional devices to reduce the requirement of network access , computational such as remote controller, desktop or laptop computer
  • Offer/deliver the needed advantage of convenience, mobility and cost.

Overall productivity can be increased with hardware integration as combined ease of a mobile apps and hardware that can now be controlled manually would create an environment for increasing productivity and simpler workplace.

We are experienced in Hardware Integration services to mobile apps

At Ways and Means, we have worked on variety of projects which have implemented external hardware integration with mobile phones. Our technical team is a skill-full set of engineers who develop the application which can synchronize, communicate and control with hardware device whether it’s via Bluetooth, audio input sockets or any other way. We have worked with SDK’s and API’s to help them integrate application on to hardware device and to help them debug it.

Whether you need assistance to develop SDK’s for your hardware specific application or you need to develop a application for your hardware device, we can help you in both way. You can contact us to discuss your hardware integration services project.

Powerful Enterprise Apps!

We calculated, and with our immense experience are readily taking the advantage of the innovative and more powerful features of Mobile OS specifically iOS and Android for hardware integration. The unique discovery of the utility of Mobile Apps for enterprise business applications has empowered the business process working and the productive utility quotient of the mobile applications in the business world.

Approach to new projects on Hardware Integration

Our approach towards new projects of hardware integrations is extremely structured and scientific. Below is our Work Methodology for Hardware Integration to Mobile Apps

Understanding Data-Sets

We first do proper brain-storming and discussion over the data-sets that hardware will provide as an output and the data which will be consumed on the mobile app.

Implementing Business-Logics

On the basis of the business logic we draw proper architecture for the data-sets to be pushed to the server and be used in various formats so as to provide business dashboards or the data mining capabilities to the system.

POC Development

To make the implementation process easier we request you to send the hardware and we develop a small POC to showcase and outline all the possibility of the achieving the desired outcomes. This generally takes less than two weeks and this makes the future course of action directed towards a future vision.


After the understanding the data-sets and business logics we perform the integration of the hardware to the mobile apps either to control or access the hardware. We can then integrate it to iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows App.

Quality Assurance

We understand that this is the most important part of the development process so we properly create test cases and use cases so as to cover up all the possible scenarios while testing. This is extremely important with such systems to be completely error free and we do this phase with at-most cautious. Most of the device integrations should be certified by various organizations like Master/VISA for mPOS solutions etc which can happen only if proper industry standards are followed. We have experts for achieving it.

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We are favorites of our clientele.

Our Experts are exUnderstanding Data-Sets tremely well –equipped with the unique power to synergize the balance between the clients Idea, Platform challenges , and possible outcomes. This factor has made us the favorites in our clientele. Our Clients Owe as one of the most important factor in success of their app.

Our very own WM Innovation Labs is our dedicated wing for researching and building the latest and the best. It has proven to be an important milestone in the success of many of our clients' projects. The highly equipped R&D lab with its huger for new and the latest has given birth to some Next Generation tools and Plug & Play units which has reduced the development time and thus resources of our clients.

This is one of our unique USP's that sets us apart in the industry. We not only give importance to the technical aspect of the project but also keep an insight in business side of the app which has helped us deliver a successful and a winning mobile application.


We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: