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HTML5 App Development

Ways and Means Technology team have been developing apps and innovative creations for over years, unique apps across all platforms, creating user-friendly designs. Ever since the first smartphone has been launched in 1998, technology change has opened the doors for the app creations. The Markup languages such as HTML5 have been framed to support the latest multimedia.

Why to use HTML5?

HTML5’s ancestors HTML and XHTML are a mess of features with several specifications. HTML5 is designed as a single markup language which can be written in either XHTML or HTML, both the syntaxes it follows up.

HTML5 introduces various new syntactic features including

Most of the features in HTML5 have been designed by keeping in my mind about latest trendy devices like smartphones and Tabs. Along with this, CSS3 specifications helps in providing new effects by allowing users to give animated and shadow effects to its design, that too be achieved in a couple of line of codes and hence reduces time.

The advantage is that the richness in content that has been used till now for desktop systems is getting available for smaller devices too with HTML5. These lightweight graphical effects and browser support, that makes it easier to design and develop an app with HTML5 for mobiles and desktop devices.

Also the development of HTML5 for mobile devices is widely supported by many device manufacturers which allow apps to be developed for large audience.

HTML 5 APP Development Services

 HTML5 Mobile Apps Development

 Enterprise HTML5 Applications.

 HTML5 Games Development

 HTML5 Social Media Applications

 HTML5 Widget Development.

 HTML5 Apps Testing / Portability

 HTML5 Support & Maintenance

 Compatible to all different devices

 Seamless User Experience.

 Focus on Business Objective

 Cost Effective Development

HTML5 apps with Ways and Means

Ways and Means’ app designers and developers are working continually with HTML5 to develop content rich, instinctive, sleek apps for fortune 500 companies to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Developing an app for your business can come up with some good results such as

  • Enhance the visuality of your company’s brand in its commercial domain.

  • Provide the company with competitive advantage within your trade

  • HTML5 permits you to design a modern app and graphically attractive app while integrating the required resources with minimum mess.

We say apps are a good way to interact your customers in an effective and efficient manner because you receive your information about your customer the way they are using your product, which allow you to access your product and adapt to changes it needs.


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