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Manufacturing Industry

Worldwide manufacturers are annoying to shrink operative expenses, investment in development upgradation, apply current ability optimally and upsurge values, while keeping product excellent and meeting security and governing standards. Ways and Means’ Solutions for manufacturing deliver you the range to originate on your business models, with advantageous modern technology solutions.

Client Challenges and Experience

  • Bringing main comprehensive units beneath one solitary instance.
  • Ways and Means uses expertise services to drive advancement
  • Putting in place an online client information system, permitting operators to conduct corporate online, thus it make sure improved consumer satisfaction and customer holding
  • Ways and Means helped some industry giants to prepare for the departure of bequest mainframe scheme, allowing the businesses to upgrade its IT functionality for amplified trade agility and extensibility
  • Ways and Means deliberate develop and organize ERP solutions to complement its supply chain programs

All roads lead to Ways and Means and it’s not just our sentence alone. We are a partner of excellence to universal groups and has established track record of bringing measureable and real commercial benefits from boardroom to shop floor

Ways and Means provide multi-dimensional solutions straddling IT led corporate makeover, design, development and support for IT resolutions, and money-value services like infrastructure management and consulting and outsourcing. Each service is prudently created to motivate competitive differentiation.

When market categorized by competition, globalization and association, we're exceptionally situated to aid manufacturers originate and stay economical.

Ways & Means Advantage

With our end to end enterprise mobility solutions, Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. helps you use and enhance the power of mobility to your enterprise for efficient manufacturing operations. We give you cut-to-cut three main advantages:

  • Enhance Work Force Productivity / efficiency.
  • Increase Business outcomes / revenue / sales.
  • Set up the inventory, shipment and asset utilization/ accuracy.

ERP key areas we have expertise in

  • Accounting and Finance Accounting

    Financial Reporting
  • Human Resource

    Human Resource Mgmt
  • Business Intelligence

    Data Analytics Reporting
  • Customer Sales Management

    Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Management

    Shipping and Transportation Tracking
  • Supply Chain Management

    Purchase Management Supply Mangement
  • Foundation

    Document Management Workflow
  • Production Management

    Planning & Scheduling Floor Controlling
  • Quality Management

    Quality Matrix Quality Control

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We Transform – Challenges – into – Opportunities

Identifying the business processes

Breaking the traditional barriers mobility of manufacturing industries has reached even the non-mobile section of the work-force. With total disappearance of business : customer ratio in terms of adoption of technologies it has been become extremely crucial for businesses to restructure the business processes in order to realize and access the real benefits of the mobility.

Defining the new business models for mobility implementation

The ever-growing increase in the mobility innovation and ever increasing number of new platforms has stretched resources of businesses. Despite offering newer fields mobility management is a complex affair. It has made it compulsory for companies to think beyond the traditional IT policies and build and operate a mobility specific business model.

Behaving to the mobile app Outburst

The sudden outburst of apps in the business fields has taken the traditional business methods and IT policies to the back-door. Tremendous pressure from clients and employees for mobility solutions has urged the requirement for the security policies and measures to a great extent. It adds to complexity to manage apps and devices for the companies.

Ways and Means is a prominent manufacturing solution provider worldwide, and has stretched experience of incorporating systems for foremost companies. We are also capable to convert your business into mobile so you can develop and deploy services that grasp your clients regardless of place and time.

How do we deliver the values to the manufacturing trades?

  • Business Transformation:

    Ways and Means offers localized product manufacturing, supply chain technology and reengineering accessing to increase keenness. We help customers to understand bigger value in ERP-led revolution arrangements with finest does and a established delivery model.

  • Fast-tracking Modernization:

    We partner with customers to grow and marketing of new products and backing enterprise association with our cutting-edge expertise in Product Lifecycle Management and developed automation. This proficiency outspreads to developing skill-forces like mobility, cloud computing and digital marketing. Our solutions can be advantageous to resolve compound engineering problems and consequence decrease in product price.

  • Effective Operations:

    Ways and Means addresses cumulative difficulty and growing systems with services for worldwide partnership, analysis, business intelligence supply chain transparency. Our offerings not only escalate the worth brought sourcing, but also make an end-line variance by cutting down cost.

  • Well-organized supply chain management supports:

    Fast forward-thinking producing businesses which lessen their costs. The necessity for a snugger incorporation between shop-floor data and ERP, better manufacturing intelligence, wider data structure and interoperability, visibility becomes willingly superficial. We pull on our capability in supplier relationship management and master data management to support you expands your engineering supply chain.

  • Flexibility

    And the changing client performance reside new tasks to the business manufacturers. Supply chain management and an ingenious usage of systems is a necessity - IT must deliver the appropriate tools to track business in a budget efficient, and clever way.


We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: