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With the never stopping time where the population is endlessly moving to their old ages, the health frugalities around the world are under massive stress. The need of improved care results and better experiences of patient include some of the main reasons of this pressure. Ways and Means with its out of the box approach and solutions provide the transformation required in HealthCare industry. Some of the solutions from our huge list are Health information exchanges, effectiveness and efficiency and patient-centric approach.

Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. for its healthcare solution emphasizes on:

  • Augmenting healthcare delivery, and improving patient outcomes.
  • Accelerating cost reduction, quality and upgraded patient outcomes in healthcare.
  • Enabling industry transformations, snowballing enrollments and enhancing health outcomes.

Segments we served in Healthcare Industry


From business process improvements to full managed care implementations to modernizing legacy equipment and complying with new regulations, we help you streamline adapt and innovate.

HealthCare Provider

We enable you to focus on your core mission to deliver the highest quality of care by making your operations more effective and efficient, while enabling clinical transformation through innovative new processes and services.

Government and Public health programs

Our comprehensive managed services enable you to serve larger member populations than ever, delivering a high level of service with minimal capital investment and reduced fixed operating costs.

Pharmacy benefits managers

We help you deliver higher levels of service; integrate retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacy operations; mine data for business intelligence metrics and more with our field-proven services and solutions.

Client Challenges

The HealthCare organizations are commencing to demand advance technology inventions with the rising cost of treatment. Not only this, amplified government regulations, requirement to ensure minimum costs for high quality customer care and speedily aging population are pressuring the HealthCare department. There is a great necessity to scale the overall financial health, efficiency in operations, observation of capital activities and also utilization of tools to measure the industry trends and performance with the latest standards.

  • Transition to new business model – shifting more towards patient centric heathcare systems.
  • Regulatory pressures of costing and incentive alignments – coping with these is another challenge.
  • Data handling – flowing from different sources.
  • Emphasizing more on wellness management and preventive care.

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Ways and Means Edge

Experience, expertise and capabilities are the only requirement to renovate your HealthCare enterprise; we have all of the three in our team. Other than this our offering includes business process outsourcing, consulting, IT services and infrastructure services. We mainly focus in the following areas:

  •  mHealth Scheme
  •  Payer CRM Strategy
  •  Exchanging Electronic health records
  •  Exchanging Health information
  •  Traditional system improvisation
  •  Distant health monitoring
  •  Digital strategy
  •  Healthcare analysis and business intelligence
  •  Healthcare organization Hosting and management


We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: