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IT SERVICES In E commerce:

The IT field is progressing with a rapid rate day by day. The success of electronic commerce requires effective partnership between the two different sectors i.e. public and private. Government participation must be logical and vigilant avoiding the uncertainty between these sectors.

The combination of technological innovation and regulatory reforms has evoluted the E commerce. Arrival of World Wide Web and browsers in the late 1990s was the boon for the E commerce. Hence IT services have played a remarkable role in the growth of E commerce.

The e-commerce can be defined as the modern business techniques that address the needs of organizations, merchants, and consumers to cut costs while improving the quality of goods and services and increasing the speed of service delivery, by using Internet.

The growth in electronic commerce has leads to the substantial rise in demand of the information and communications technology (ICT). The commerce IT services develops computer software for online stores and retail point of sale.

E commerce broadly is classified as business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), customer to customer (C2C), business to employee (B2E) and business to government (B2G).

Issues in Implementing E commerce:

  • Cost:

    Electronic commerce systems require notable investments in hardware, software, worker and training. Initial investment is a bit high so as to compete with the other E commerce businesses. But there are some IT services that have made it now a much easier one.

  • Value:

    There is a requirement in the flexibility in the system to adopt the changes in the business. And businesses are obviously concern about the return value if they invested in the E commerce.

  • Security:

    For any business, the security is the prime concern. As the technology is increasing, there are some malicious accesses so business must be kept safe and secure. Security of customer data is must from the internal as well as external misuse.

  • Leveraging existing device:

    Most companies already use information technology (IT) to conduct business in non-Internet environments, such as marketing, order management, billing, inventory, distribution, and customer service.

  • Interoperability:

    The Company’s commerce strategy should be designed to help customer to achieve the benefits of E commerce. When systems from two or more businesses are able to exchange documents without manual interruption, businesses achieve low cost, improved performance, and more dynamic value chains. These are the issues that are the reason for the failure of business.

Advantage of IT service involvement in E commerce:

  • Speed:

    Internet and World Wide Web has given the opportunity to the entrepreneur for spreading the business widely. The increased speed of communication has made the transaction time less and more efficient.

  • Cost saving:

    There is no need of building the retailer store. On the cost of this, business set up to marketing or advertising can be easily done through internet.

  • No boundaries:

    The business can be expanded all over the world as there are no national boundaries. Through IT services, the business scope has advanced and also the benefit.

  • Ease of networking:

    The networking and IT services has simplified the arduous access of data from anywhere in the world. IT services has took over the advantage of internet and leverage this in enterprise sector.

Advantage for business:

  • Increased Potential Market Share:

    The Company has been enhanced on greater economies of scale i.e. on international level. Internet and IT services has allowed the access in the international markets thereby expanding the market share.

  • Low-cost Advertising:

    Rather than conducting the advertisement for any enterprise physically, now it better to do it through IT services on internet.

  • Low Barriers to Entries:

    It is very easy to start any company at a very lower investment and with less start up anyone can begin their own enterprise.

  • Strategic benefits:

    E commerce has reduced the shipping time, working cost and cost incurred in the following areas e.g. Document preparation, Error detection and correction, Restoration, mail, calling, Data entry, Overtime, Supervision expenses.

From setting up and web stores to online marketing, dispatching or releasing the goods, managing accounts receivable, processing returns, and payment collection, are the major responsibilities of enterprises while using the IT services in Ecommerce.

Ecommerce is buying and selling of product online. So IT services have provided the facility to create your own ecommerce website with the designed pages and techniques of IT services. Store can be created and managed, Ecommerce consulting is provided.

IT services has made the Ecommerce an easy one for earn business in the market. IT has made the first step of Ecommerce an effortless thing.

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