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Metro Apps Development

Windows 8 Apps have a very popular interface which is known as metro style apps. Metro Style Apps are growing as the focal point of the users interest in using desktop applications as it provides a compelling user experience, and consistent interface to work on.

Major Advantages of Metro Apps:

  • Adaptability to any Screen Resolution

  • Data-binding: direct synchronization between UI elements and data source.

  • Interpretability with Windows API.

  • Visually appealing aesthetics.

  • Declarative Programming is the key to the technology advancement which helps user instruct what they want the system to do rather than listing the operations the system must execute to accomplish a goal.

Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. Advantage

Facebook API Integration includes unified assimilation of Facebook Login and allowing permissible data into the client’s website. These are some commonly permitted items which FB API allows you.

  • Modelling and analyzing work flow of the product.

  • Pencil Sketches made and Tools made Mock Ups for your product.

  • Client Discussions and Revisions on Wireframes.

  • Color Selection brain storming and choosing the creative layouts to dress wire-framing.

  • Beta Reviews on the product outcome

Best Outcome served hot to the client.

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