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Legacy Migration

Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers services for transformation of business applications to best in class technologies implementing proven work methodologies and frameworks. It varies and includes implementation of Cloud or SaaS based solutions or moving from desktop to mobility or staying in the same architecture updating the technologies.

In current scenario the most challenging and breath-taking tasks for CIO’s is upgrading of the legacy systems. At the same time the fast changing and rapidly growing technologies have has weakened the business propositions of these businesses. Despite of the technology deprecation legacy systems are continued being used because of competitive advantage as they contain enormous data an invaluable knowledge. It is extremely important to preserve the functionality of the mission critical application during the process of modernization of the legacy systems by migration or re-platforming process.

Some examples of migrations are

Migration Conversion Process

Our Migration and conversation process includes 5 key phases:

Assessment: The Assessment phase of migration is important to define the conversion scope, isolate the areas of concentration in a well-defined format before starting the conversion effort. Our methodology is focused on highly detailed and targeted assessment of the entire business application and the database environment. This assessment allows the detailed understanding of project plan, assignments, responsibilities, timeframes and costs.

Database and Data Conversions: This phase includes construction of new relational database structures ensuring the same or more efficient traversal and performance capabilities as the former databases. All tasks related to database handling are carried out in this phase.

Application Conversion: This phase partially runs in parallel to the Database and Data conversion phase to ensure the complete synchronization between the both. The entire application is re-written using the new technology with new set of architecture in place during this phase.

Testing: The detailed test cases are generated by close interaction with the customer’s team to ensure that all the business processes of the applications are included ensuring the building over the enhanced product with minimum training cost for the new.

Deployment: Once the testing phase ensuring correct implementation concludes the process moves to the deployment phase. This phase is designed and executed based on the plan set in the assessment phase.

Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides

  • Reengineering and Re-platforming the legacy
    applications by developing new applications which
    can completely replace the legacy systems without
    compromising any advantage.

  • Development of tailored enterprise applications

  • Enterprise level integration with latest methods using web services and SOA.

  • Rapid application development to respond to the change in business processes in best possible manner.

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Advantage of Timely migration of Legacy System

  • Cost Cutting in maintaining legacy systems

  • Eliminating the in-efficient vendor support for
    older technologies.

  • Reducing the lost productivity risk

  • Boosting the platform capacity and application utility.

  • Enhancing data utilization capabilities.

  • Reducing Data disruption risks

  • Strengthening niche to be able to respond to market oppurtunities.

  • Maximizing security implications.

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