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Product Development Services

Our Product Development Services for ISV’s in different stages helps them from Design to Market, Support and Maintenance.

With a vision to provide IT solutions to Businesses Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. was established to provide tools to empower enterprises in their day to day operations with prime focus on throughput and ROI.


Startups are budding ISV’s which need to make evident to the investors and stakeholders their ability for developing and launching their product quickly at the same time keeping the cost to the minimum. We understand and believe that startups must have concrete development plans that should have space and scope for iterative releases and during the period of product launch. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. helps startups and newly funded ISV’s :

  • Take product from Idea to market by reducing the monthly burn rate.

  • Risk analysis and reduction at every stage of product development.

  • Rapid Development Proof of concept and prototypes development at various stages for stakeholders approvals.

Established ISV’s

The most important challenge that an established ISV faces is attainment of balance between growth and profits. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. with its specialized services for this domain of business offers a wide range of services to manage development and maintenance processes in the most cost-efficient manner so that the prime focus of our clients can be focused on framing and implementing strategies for continued market success. With our services for this segment we ensure:

  • Flexible engagement model and supporting multiple product releases.

  • Product development life cycle support for old product lines to keep up with the updates.

  • Improvisations on process, workflow and productivity.

  • Effective and cost efficient processes for Quality Assurance of the product.

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Transformation Stage ISV’s

ISV’s who are well established in a business domain over a period of time face challenges as they have been using legacy technologies (example – mainframe, classic ASP, VB, ). These have urgent requirement of transforming or re-engineering their applications using the latest and the new technologies envisioning the future updations in technology and upcoming developments in products. They sometimes want to switch the technologies and sometimes want to redesign the architecture. We help them achieve and realize their goals with are specialized service for this segment of business. Our offered services ensure:

  • Repositioning Strategies in their industry markets.

  • Increasing revenue opportunities with existing customers or providing space for new ones

  • ROI centric approach with focus on migration or attainment of new customers

  • Heads up and keeping pace with the new technology.

If you lie in any of these segments and are facing such challenges issues, Contact Us today for free consultation! We LOVE Challenges!!

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  • Extensive tools for clients to track progress.