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Business Intelligence

BI or Business Intelligence accelerates businesses to achieve management by “facts”. It helps in taking decisions based on data that would initiate and enhance the business and find out the new trends. Ways and Means help you in you r request with a pre-decided BI- guided roadmap to excel your business.

Client Challenges

In the existing vibrant market scenario, to spread and endure the business, customer requires to hold the following challenges and changes:

  • Time Scarcity to implement and execute solutions

  • Necessity for superior accuracy in the estimation process

  • Solution Execution

  • For Decision making, analysis of a huge volume of data

The deficiency of prevalent business intelligent systems can lead to the succeeding:

  • Threat to Enterprise

  • Fall in business routine

  • Functioning inadequacy

  • Disputes in the relations of Vendors, partners and Customer

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What Ways and Means Provides

Our support for Business Intelligence in Decision Making is based on the Big Thinking to build step by step process that empower enterprises to abstract information and knowledge from unrefined info to begin a reliable, rich, and operational business framework, thus authorizing them to take sensible intelligent decisions. Our Solutions extent the following three scopes:

Process Solutions

Our method forms the base layer of the Process Solutions. These solutions are plug-and-play outlines catering to client-exact needs such as BI Health Check, BI Testing Factory, BI Strategy, Performance Scorecard, BI Maturity Assessment, Planning and Budgeting, Business Case Modeling, Financial Consolidation, BI Competency Center, BI Sustenance, Multi-Site Rollout, and BI Training.

Industry Solutions

Industry-specific solutions comprises of the following:

  • Logical Data Model which is independent of platforms including reference business objects.

  • Analytical patterns for dashboards, scorecards, reports, and high-end analytics.

The level based approach to implement and execute industry specific Business Intelligence solutions extends decision making, functional process and planned initiatives. The solutions are available for main industry verticals which include:

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Utilities Manufacturing

  • Telecommunication

Technology Solutions

The solutions include the BI merchant/ Product-specific results relocations and updating also the full BI technology solution landscape. Solutions include:

  • Data Incorporation

  • Data Incorporation

  • Data Incorporation

  • Data Loading

  • Data Delivery service

Business Value

Ways and Means Solutions can be advantageous in order to fulfill the following beneficial services:

  • Managed and Observed events in real time required

  • Discovery and management of skill

  • Planned move

  • To adjust the varying market scenarios, alignment of the business processes has to be done

  • Benchmarked , Baselined, and measured business performance

Ways and Means Business Intelligence solutions offer confirmed services to help you, adjust sooner to altering market situations, power your administrative facts and attend to your clients better and, most importantly, improve lucratively, using the available resources optimally.

With us you can achieve the following:

  • Stretched and Tailored solutions to precisely counterpart the altering business wants

  • Effortlessly packed Business Intelligence solutions for fast operation

  • Confirmed value from replicable, supportable, and expected business solutions

  • Innovative ideas with advanced solutions to offer prevalent Business Intelligence


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We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: