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PHP Application Development

See the popularity of PHP: Facebook, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Wordpress these are few examples of popular and successful websites sites which are being running on PHP as a server side scripting language. A language which is designed for the web development but is more popular for the general purpose programming language. It’s a language that is simple to understand and to code a program in this scripting language. But the language is dependent on HTML code because to implement this language you need to fix the PHP code in an HTML code. The language is more known for designing of dynamic and interactive web pages quickly.

With no doubt it is the most preferred platform for the dynamic website development especially for E Commerce. As the Platform is an open sourced, it has a big development community network worldwide where developers are continuously working on its enhancement.

PHP enabled applications:

  • E Commerce

  • Project Management Tools

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Building an online Community

  • Developing Facebook Applications

  • Generating PDF files

  • Parsing XML Files

  • Mailing Lists

  • Image Processing and Generation

  • Create Graphs and Charts

  • Content Management System

  • Create dynamic Website template

  • Create Wordpress Plugins

  • Creating flash

Ways and Means have some of the best PHP developers that are working on PHP for years. Our experienced technical experts provide them with latest updates in the Open source Platform like PHP. We have a quick and smarter hands-on in this popular and multi-usability language. Our team has already worked on the platform developed a lot of mobile apps, websites and many more PHP content so it would not be risky for you to ask us for any help.

Using PHP: Enhancement of the functionality of websites.

  • Upgradation of already developed applications from PHP4 to PHP5

  • Web Applications

  • E-learning Portals

  • E Commerce Applications

  • Online classified applications

  • Blogs, chat places and discussion forums

  • Corporate websites

  • Dynamicity in the Web content

Idea of Unique Business Solution with PHP

At Ways and Means, we believe that each business is unique. That’s why we have arranged a team of best developers with good experience in PHP to provide you the best solution for your need. And the best of all is that PHP works for small and large business alike. We devote our team to find, design and develop a best solution for you according to the need that may include (according to the requirement):

  • A Product Database

  • A Customize CRM

  • Workflow automation software

  • Online collaboration application

We understand the value of timely assistance, so we provide you the timely assistance from our team to help you grow your online business on Web. We ensure the quality solution to our client. Since the day 1 our managers and BA’s start communication with the clients, then from development phase till the client’s satisfaction even after the delivery our team remains in continuous touch with the client. We have successfully implemented many projects on PHP ranging from E Commerce to Dynamic websites. You can get in touch with our team, find out our achievements we can help you in achieving your business goals in PHP.


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