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Hire us to get the best Android Application Development Services!

We provide you the best-professional-experienced-technically sound-well groomed hiring resource equipped with outstanding infrastructure, most updated libraries and support of the research team. Our business team helps you to utilize our technical teams expertize to the maximum.

We offer the right combination of technical expertise and resource management skill set at least cost and time. Our technical teams are proficient, dedicated with deep understanding of Android.

We not only provide our hiring services in our premises but also provide resources to our client's destination. Sometimes client requires to keep a closer watch on the development or wants to work in close association of developers, so we have designed a special engagement model for such requirement. We offer this premium engagement model at an additional resource and migration costing.

We are fortunate to be there – since inception of mobile app industry

WM has been working in this domain almost since the very concept of the Smart Phones app come to the world which has given us a fortunate opportunity to learn and understand the app market right from the childhood of the mobile app market. This has make us capable of understanding the pressure points and analytics of the app – world.

We are favorites in our clientele

Our Experts are extremely well –equipped with the unique power to synergize the balance between the clients Idea, Platform challenges, and possible outcomes. This factor has made us the favorites in our clientele. Our Clients Owe as one of the most important factor in success of their app.

Have an app idea! Consult today!

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We are masters of Android technologies!

Besides the immense experience we are very confident about the our detailed approach and sea-deep knowledge of the Android platform, Our Android application development team has great knowledge with years of experience in mobile applications development. We are well acquainted with the Android SDKs, 3D graphics, Location–based Service APIs, OpenGL, WI–Fi APIs, Media APIs, Security Architecture, etc.

Our expertise:

  • Java

  • Android SDK

  • Android NDK

  • Material Design (UI)

  • Google Play Services

  • Parsing Lib (Gson,Jackson)

  • Image Lib(UIL,Glide,Picaso)

  • Networking Lib(Retrofit, volly, loopj)

  • Notification(GCM, Firebase)

  • Real time chat(XMPP/smack)

  • Amazon web service

  • Security (Proguard)

  • Payment gateway integration

We love Researching – Dedicated Research Lab!

Our very own WM Innovation Labs is our dedicated wing for researching and building the latest and the best. It has proven to be an important milestone in the success of many of our clients' projects. The highly equipped R&D lab with its huger for new and the latest has given birth to some Next Generation tools and Plug & Play units which have reduced the development time and thus resources of our clients.

For over 6+ year we have delivered 250+ for

500 + Customers worldwide


  • Core Competence in Android App Development.
  • Apple Authorized Development Team.
  • 24 X 7 Support in all time zones.
  • 6 months post development free Support.
  • Experts in custom app development.
  • 250+ Apps Developed.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 150 + highly qualified professionals.
  • Seamless communication channel.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Extensive tools for clients to track progress.