What are different types of Knowledge Management System


A knowledge management system is an application that gives users access to knowledge bases that can assist them in solving problems. These systems create, manage, and distribute knowledge for intranets, extranets, or websites. In today’s fast gowing highly technological world, typically we can divide the knowledgement management systems of three types:

Enterprise-wide systems are a type of knowledge management system that serve the entire organization. They are designed to gather, store, disseminate, and use digital data and related knowledge for the purpose of organizational learning. These systems include a variety of technology, such as portals, search engines, collaboration tools, and learning management systems (LMS). They also provide access to tools, online directories, and other implementation information, making it easy for users to find knowledge workers with specialized or experienced expertise. These systems are also an important source for tacit knowledge.

Knowledge Work Systems are designed specifically for engineers, scientists, and other highly skilled professionals. These systems provide an online directory that allows users to search for company employees who can provide them with the specific information they need. This knowledge management system helps employees find accurate information from the existing knowledge database and utilize best practices for future use with the aid of standardized expert systems. However, there are certain things that can only be learned through personal experience, known as tacit knowledge. The system typically includes tools for managing knowledge differently to facilitate group cooperation, a proper gateway to limit access to information, an understanding of how to execute management, a search engine, and an interactive tool for classifying data according to taxonomy.

Intelligent Techniques: These are one of the best forms of information management systems. They combine gathering, storing, and maintaining knowledge with clever strategic actions. People employ artificial intelligence to transform unstructured data into beneficial knowledge management systems. These systems have intelligent agents that handle specific, repeatable activities for users, customers, employees, business processes, or anything linked to knowledge-based software applications. They focus on patterns and relationships using search methods like deep learning, machine learning, and big data techniques. These systems assist the company in quickly retrieving necessary information by sifting through vast data sources and enable the company to control knowledgeability, maximize its knowledge management efforts, and significantly emphasize additional resources like communities, groups, and webinars.

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