Angular vs React vs Vue comparison


When it comes to creating web apps, choosing the right front-end framework is a key concern for front-end developers. There are many JavaScript frameworks available in the market, but the top three that are commonly recommended by experts are Angular, React, and Vue. While Angular is a fully-fledged framework, React is a UI library that helps in creating unique user interfaces, and Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework. To make the right choice among these three, developers have to compare their key points and understand their differences. In this blog, we will first understand Angular, React, and Vue and then go through their differences.

Comparison of Angular, React, and Vue

Angular is a popular TypeScript-based framework developed by Google and was released in 2010. It is the oldest framework compared to Vue and React. It has an MIT license, which means that these products offer limited restrictions on reuse. In 2016, a new version of Angular was released, version 2, and this version dropped JS from the original name – AngularJS. Angular 2+ is called Angular and version 1 is called AngularJS.

React is a library developed by Facebook in 2013, and it has been used to develop complex applications. It uses an MIT license and is used by Facebook in its products like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Vue is a popular and younger framework developed by Evan You, an ex-Google employee in 2014. It holds an MIT license and has been through a substantial shift in the last few years. It has its own GitHub repo and functions with the use of TypeScript.

When it comes to having a legit license to make sure that these open-source JavaScript frameworks are good for web development, all three of them use the MIT license.

1.1 Popularity

Angular is created by Google which automatically makes it popular among developers. Angular is often used to develop large-scale applications by experienced developers. According to data by BuiltWith, Angular powers more than 97k websites.

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and powers more than 11 million websites according to BuiltWith‘s statistics.

Vue has solid independence compared to Angular and React. It has an open-source community and is used by more than 2 million websites as per BuiltWith.

Besides this, among all the popular web app development frameworks, ReactJs stands 2nd with 35.9%, Angular at 3rd position with 25.1%, and VueJs with 7th position with 17.3% of usage by developers in the market.

1.2 Community and Development

When it comes to the community of these three frameworks, in comparison to React, Vue has a huge number of watchers and forks which means that it is very popular. But the contributors for Vue are lower than for both React and Angular. On the other hand, Vue works on a complete open-source community, but Angular and React come with a fair share of Google and Facebook employees as community members.

1.3 Ecosystem

Angular offers the NgRx project for its state management and this is inspired by Redux. Angular has started offering Angular Material which guides developers in creating Angular applications with the use of the right Material Design. It enables developers to create cross-platform apps with the use of NativeScript. Angular is also a part of the well-known MEAN stack that is a combination of Angular with ExpressJS, MongoDB, and NodeJS.

React’s popularity makes it easy for web app developers to find react-based components and elements for the development of web developers need to be prepared for updates and changes, and they also need to be familiar with the new version of the framework. React, on the other hand, has a different approach when it comes to updates. React follows a strict versioning system and developers can update their React applications without any major changes. Vue is considered the most flexible framework when it comes to updates. Developers can easily update their Vue applications without any major changes.

1.4 Jobs

As a developer with knowledge of a programming language and JS framework, finding employment can be relatively easy. However, the salary can vary based on the popularity of the framework. For example, Angular had 16,370 job listings on as of 2020, React had 61,799 job listings, and Vue had 3,780 job listings on the same website. The chart below provides a clear illustration of the job listings of these frameworks on popular job portals.

1.5 Migrations

When it comes to migrating to a new version, Angular releases major updates every six months and takes another six months before releasing any major API. This means that Angular developers have two release cycles per year to make necessary changes. In contrast, React is considered a stable framework and is used by companies such as Airbnb and Twitter. Upgrades can be accessed through react-codemod scripts, making migration a straightforward process. Vue has a new version, Vue 3, but there are not many differences between Vue 2 and Vue 3, resulting in 90% of the APIs remaining the same. Vue also provides a Vue 1 to Vue 2 migration tool for developers to assess their app’s status.

1.6 Performance and Memory

The performance of a web app depends on the framework. Developers usually evaluate web frameworks based on scalability, integrability, and robustness before choosing one. In this Angular vs React vs Vue 2022 comparison, performance can be tested based on the framework’s DOM and JS framework benchmark. Angular relies on the real DOM for performance, while React and Vue use virtual DOM, which can save the trouble of re-rendering/repainting the app and make it quicker.

1.7 Angular vs React vs Vue Startup Time Comparison

When it comes to startup time, there is a common belief that Vue is the winner due to its small size, which can significantly decrease startup time and result in a robust application. React may also provide similar results, but Angular is relatively heavy in size.

1.8 Learning Curve

Angular is known for its complex project structure as it is a fully-grown front-end framework that relies on more concepts such as services, components, and modules. Angular developers must write and design code in a specific manner to maintain the project as it scales up. Additionally, they must be able to write code in TypeScript. React is the least complex of the three frameworks, with developers only needing to import the library to start writing a React application. React apps are component-based and don’t just render elements on the page. Vue is also a bit complex, with developers using it as a library to define components throughout their HTML. The majority of Vue projects have a root component named App. Developers need to learn Vue’s template syntax, which is similar to HTML. Overall, the learning curve for React is considered the easiest compared to Angular and Vue.


In conclusion, Angular, React, and Vue are all popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of which one to use depends on the specific requirements of the project. Angular is a fully-fledged framework that is great for developing large-scale applications. React is a UI library that is great for creating unique user interfaces. Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework that is great for developing web apps. All three frameworks are open-source and have an active community of developers.

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