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Social Networking Portal Development

Rise of Social Networking

Social networking is a common word which we use almost daily in our any random conversation. Basically social networking is used to communicate with our friends around the world. But after the launch of some excellent products like Facebook it has created a kind-of new living space, a world in itself on internet. Though Facebook is not the first social networking site, but after its launch and success it has given a redefinition to the social networking on internet. Since then people have developed their interest in social networking and demand of such portals is on peak.

Websites and Mobile Apps are the products which are used maximum. We at Ways and Means provide some outstanding solution on a demand of such requirements. As we have already expertise in this field by developing a lot of Mobile apps and websites, so trusting us for the development of your social networking portal should not be a question.

Social Networking Advantage:

  • Friends keep in touch

  • New Connections/relations

  • Comes for free

  • Newsfeed

  • General Knowledge.

  • Easy way to popularize any topic/news in public.

  • Sitting in your own home, you can talk to thousands of people with no cost of travel and no other expense.

  • Easy Group Discussion on sensitive and non-sensitive issues.

General Features in Social Networking Sites:

  • Online communities

  • Discussion forums

  • Adding/removing friends

  • Chat option

  • Uploading Pictures and Videos

  • Your Profile management

  • Single Sign On with Social Media

  • Integration of users through Follow/Invites to social media

  • Sharing content with social media platforms

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