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Price Comparison Portal

Price Comparison portal enables consumers to compare the prices and find the best deal. The concept of coupons is also very famous now a day all over the world. The basic idea to of price comparison portal was to avoid the hassles of window shopping for a buyer. Also these price comparison websites charge less from the users to access the site. They monetize the products through payments from listed retailers. Every price comparison portal is based on some business model. When a registered buyer buys anything from the retailer’s site through the comparison site, then retailer will pay a flat fee or a fee every time a buyer will click on his product. Results can also be sorted on the amounts of payment paid by the retailers.

Features of Price Comparison portals:

  • Now nobody wants to go the busy markets and find out the even timings to visit the shop so with such portals users can visit them anytime whenever they feel free.

  • With the one single portal user can find the price idea and all kind of details

  • Through the compare option buyer can compare the two products of different brands also selection of products for comparison is given.

  • Beneficial for customers as they can keep themselves update of new products .

Benefit of Price Comparison Portals:

  • Encourage the customers to search the options available to them.

  • High graphics image and videos are available of the product

  • Selection of product and add them in the cart option .

  • Almost every portal provide the offers during festive seasons.

  • These portals also provide the clickable ads and banners to enhance your income source

  • Links of merchants websites are given on the different locations of the comparison portals.


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