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WCF Application Development

The most trending in enterprise applications development in the current scenario where all the businesses have custom enterprise applications to manage the day-to-day operations and tasks is inter business alliances. This has increased the significance in of independent platform to work communication framework between multiple applications. Previously known as indigo now known as WCF (Windows Communication Framework) serves the purpose. WCF offers service oriented architecture meeting the challenges of inter-communication functions using .Net libraries for distributed applications using open data protocol for consuming data over internet. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been using WCF ever since from when it came into inception. We have been implementing WCF services for our clients for seamless and robust communication between client and server side applications using highly optimized and secured data transmission practices and algorithms.

Advantages of WCF Services

  • Extensibility and Interoperability

  • Multiple Message Patterns

  • Service Metadata

  • Data Contracts

  • Enhanced Security

  • Multiple Transport and Encodings

  • Reliable, Queued & Durable Messages

  • Support for Transactions

  • AJAX and REST Support

Our propositions:

  • Architecting WCF Services

  • Deploying WCF Services

  • Managing and Monitoring WCF Services

  • WCF Service Workflow Enhancement

  • Adding Reliability to WCF Services.

  • Securing WCF Services

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Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) is part of .Net Framework Family. It facilitates the unified programming model for rapid development of SOA applications that establishes communication between web and desktop clients. WCF enables cross platform and cross application development that allows .Net Framework to communicate in an efficient manner using any protocol. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced and professional WCF Service Development Company. We have developed WCF services for multiple business and utility applications.

Service Oriented Architecture

One of the key advantage that WCF provides is that it facilitates for producing Service Oriented applications. This makes the inter-application and inter-platform communication seamless and secured.


WCF providing many Web Service Infrastructure protocols makes the application interpretability through different languages such as XSD and WSDL.

Message Security Mode

Message security mode specifies that security is provided by implementing one or more of the security specifications, such as the specification named "Web Services Security: SOAP Message Security" Each message contains the necessary mechanisms to provide security during its transit, and to enable the receivers to detect tampering and to decrypt the messages.

Data Contracts

The data types a service uses must be described in metadata to enable others to interoperate with the service. The descriptions of the data types are known as the data contract, and the types can be used in any part of a message, for example, as parameters or return types. If the service is using only simple types, there is no need to explicitly use data contracts.


Security in WCF includes confidentiality (encryption of messages to prevent eavesdropping), integrity (the means for detection of tampering with the message), authentication (the means for validation of servers and clients), and authorization (the control of access to resources).

Service Metadata

The service metadata organizational facilities that WCF is utilized to instinctively generate and organize the excess mechanism of applications to WCF Web Services.

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