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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the customer relationship management solution helping businesses both large and mid-range that we use to drives marketing effectiveness and sales productivity through operate management, business intelligent and social insights in the cloud on-premises or with a hybrid combination.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer relationship management) can help in increasing profitability and reducing costs by forming and powering business procedures that cultivate clients trust and satisfaction in the marketing, customer service areas and sales. These CRM solutions can bring ROI over customer service, sales force automation, marketing automation.

We at Ways and Means also offer CRM apps and such platforms that empower you to manage client relationships on your mobile devices, beside the tools which incorporate information and journalism from social broadcastings into your CRM application.

Focus on Customers

With today's sharp industrialists, fascinating and examining clients has become a high urgency job on the outline.

  • Simplifies: Enables to manage entire customers’ Life-Cycle

  • Optimizes: Organizations presentation over battered operations and services development.

  • Augments: Trustworthiness with native technologies of Microsoft such as .Net, MS office, SQL Server, Exchange.

Verified Methodology

Microsoft Dynamics CRM guide executions are commenced in adjacent aggregation with Microsoft Certified implementation specialists. The incorporation with the existing IT systems help you enjoying certainty that comes with best performances, so that you can focus on your vitalities on discovering stirring business prospects.

Gain from Flexible Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM highly supple and compositional architecture allows you to create workflow guidelines which describe repetitive and monotonous tasks including daily commercial tasks thus making definite that the correct information reach to the correct person at the correct time. For an instance, wizard-driven tools help in keeping clients informed and sales forecasts of new services and products offerings. Corporate managers can organize add and remove users, marketing campaigns, change safety tasks to encounter employees? Data ‘right to use’ needs, queue memberships, change team, and customization of the user interface. When you work with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, you get measurable enhancements in your customer service efforts, marketing and sales.

Quality Customer Experience

Provide quick and apt solution while minimizing call delays and transfers. Allow agents to flawlessly handle several clients interactions and then transfer callers to directly subject lines without the interruption of any expert.

Modernize Customer Service Processes

Automating clients service processes to attain superior accuracy and regulate with workflow gears. Reduce redundancy in data entry to improve the quality of your data and also reduce human errors by eradicating the requirement to enter the same data into so many applications.

Streamline Incorporation of Contact Center Technologies

Rapidly form a combined agent desktop which gives you the context-based rights to data, applications, CTI and service processes. Code mockups and controls permit each contact center to assimilate their own computers (systems) into an enabling agent and unified tool to care for cases more effectively and efficiently.

Centralized Configuration and Management

Manages agent applications and desktops over a single Web-based management device for superior control and flexibility. A single embed makes it at ease for admins to configure and update applications when professional wants change.

Achieve Better Perceptibility into Customer Care Activities

Scale and record activities and performances with agent reviewing abilities and simple to use reports. Reviewing allows systems to trace tasks within each client’s communication, utilize that data to confirm devotion to top practices, and detect chances to improve.

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