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Java Application Development Services

Java Application Development

Java one of the most popular programming language is an object oriented language. Application software developed using Java can be deployed on a cross-platform without the need of compiling it on another platform as well. Java can be used to develop applications for various computing platform from mobile phones to embedded devices as well as from enterprise servers to supercomputers where Java development tools include Eclipse, JCreator, JDeveloper, NetBeans, XMLBeans, etc.

Support & Integration

Java applications can be developed on various platforms such as:

  • Java Card, a technology that allows applets i.e. programs included in web page to be run securely on smart cards and other such minute memory devices.

  • Java ME (Micro Edition), earlier known as J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition)is a platform created for mobile devices such as mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc.

  • Java SE (Standard Edition), an extensively used platform for programming in Java can be used to extend applications for desktop PCs, servers and other such devices.

  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition), a platform for producing enterprise or business applications such as online shopping,CRM, ERPs, HR Management, project management, and much more. It can also be extended for network and web services.

Application integration refers to the linking/sharing of processes/module from one application into another. Java programming being an object-oriented programming provides effective and cost-efficient enterprise application integration since applications developed using Java is extensible and interoperable.

Ways & Means Technology has been offering integration and technical support services since its inception to our clients to reduce costs and increase flexibility. Our team of expert Java application developers uses relevant tools and technologies to deliver tailored and integrated business solutions.

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Application Maintenance

In order to retain the value of the software and keep up with the changing business and technological needs it becomes necessary to meet additional requirements of the application, thus making it easier to use and more efficient.

At Ways & Means Technology we cover all the classes of software maintenance ensuring optimized performance of our customer’s applications.

  • Adaptive i.e. upgrading of the application according to the change in technology

  • Perfective i.e. implementing additional user requirements thus enhancing the application

  • Corrective i.e. fixing bugs or errors

  • Preventive i.e. preventing maintainability problems by fixing bugs even before user observes them

Application Migration

Application Migration refers to the task of deploying application from one operating environment to the other. It is really necessary to migrate the applications in order to meet the ever-growing business needs and to keep up with the competition. Also the concept of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” enhances the portability of the Java application to a large extent while making it easily operable on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX and Symbian.

We at Ways & Means Technology ensure that our client’s core applications have been accredited to comply with prevailing technologies and provide with a flexible and cost-efficient migration solution without the need of compromising on the quality.

Product Development

The process of transmission of a product from conception to existence is the basic idea of product development. It is not just developing new product but may also include alteration of sustaining product in order to satisfy customer needs. Thus it includes everything from developing of a product to designing the interface to marketing the developed application and also maintenance of the application.

At Ways & Means Technology we categorize our product development life cycle into 4 basic steps of

  • listening where we discover our customer’s needs and understand those needs and also improve them if required

  • planning where we document every specifications and requirements of our customer along with the wire-framing of the application flow and functionality

  • designing where we create visual prototype of the product in order to ensure we understand your requirements and

  • developing where our team of expert coders develop your project and thus strive to meet your expectations

API and Web service Development

Java API indicates a certain set of classes and methods implemented with those classes by which interaction with the objects derived from those classes are done. In other words, software developed for the interaction among various software components via a network is what a web services offer thus enabling a distributed computation and proving its platform independency.

Ways & Means Technology creates such web services enabling you to reach your customers in an effective way. Our Java developing team aim to develop a simple yet functional and consistent API thus providing highly interoperable enterprise system with the latest technologies such as XML, JSON, etc.