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OUR iWatch App Development Services

iWatch has introduced the advent of a new relationship of human race with the technology. iWatch starting from April 24 2015, ia an opportunity for app developers to deliver and make user experience even more exciting. It is has introduces new avenue of extending the usability of iOS apps.

App Extensions to iWatch:

  • Today: An update or task in the today section of the drop down notification center.

  • Share: Share content with other apps or to a website

  • Action: View or employ content with another app.

  • Photo Editing: Edit a photo or a video in the native iOS Photos application (iOS only).

  • Finder: Show information about file synchronization in the Finder (Mac OS X only).

  • Document Provider: Access and manage a set of files (iOS only).

  • Custom Keyboard: Replace the native iOS keyboard with a third-party keyboard (iOS only).

iWatch is the next big thing from apple , tech lovers ir-respective of age group, gender, is predicted to be the next big buy from all tech lovers. Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd is among the first iWatch app development companies. The direct engaging innovative apps expected early on the app stores are price – tracking apps, Tours and Trips – apps, news apps an many more.

We are not just the developers but innovators who give their ideas for the best business outcomes for our clients and we are proving our ides and innovation’s working out best for the businesses right from Fortune 500 companies to SME’s.

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iWatch App Development Services

 iWatch Game Development

This is the most interesting field. We offer our expert services in this area.

 iWatch Consultation

Being new to marked businesses are still exploring possibilities and opportunities in this division. Would love offer consultation to your queries.

 iWatch UI/UX designing

With limited device size it becomes essential to make every pixel count.

  iWactch App/ Extension Development

iWatch apps/ extensions that are based on your ideas and suits your style completely meets your requirement.

Apple watch animations are very graceful, precise and attractive. This alluring and captivating feature makes it permeate. Appropriate animation:

  • • Interactive status and provides feedback
  • • Helps people visualize the results of their actions

Watch kit app bundle stores the animation so it can be easily presented when the user desires it. Canned animations also provide with high frame rates and smoother animations.

Most interface objects display animated image sequences in an endless loop. Programmatically animations can be stopped by image and group objects.

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User Interaction:

  • Action based events: Table rows, buttons, switches, and other controls are all operated by tapping on them. Tapping indicates either the selection or interaction of the user.

  • Gestures: Basically there are three types of gestures namely

    • • Vertical Swipes: this will scroll the present page
    • • Horizontal Swipes: this allows visiting the next or previous pages
    • • Left edge swipes: For navigating back

Note: An Apple watch doesn’t use the access of multiple fingers.

  • Force touch: This senses the touch on the screen by the retina touch. Retina touch identifies the amount of force applied by the user’s finger.

  • Digital crown: As normal watches have mechanical crown; in iwatches there is digital crown. With the help of this, the scrolling can be done easily even for long pages

Make most out of your iWatch App/Extension :

The iWatch Application market is extremely rewarding and money spinning, but to be successful, you have to have the right app, appropriate functionality, best roll-out and right support. That’s what exactly you will get at . WM is an adroit in the rapidly growing iOS App Development Service company. With remarkable work history of many apps hitting the top charts on the apple itunes store, our apps are highly interactive, engaging, user-friendly, unique and latest in technology.

Development Expertise :

Besides the immense experience we are very confident about the our detailed approach and sea-deep knowledge of the iOS platform, including iWatch Kit, iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Xcode environment, Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Unity 3d Engine, Memory Management, Audio – Video Foundation Framework, Core Animation, Core Graphics, CF Network Programming, XML parsing, RPC XML Framework, Threading, Web Kit Programming, GPS, Secure Coding, Accelerometer and Core Location Framework. By applying modern functions like Apple push notifications, In App Purchase, Near Field Communication, mCRM, Point-of-Sales Systems, GPS integrations, Augmented Reality, Accelerometer etc we have made eminent applications that are best in their utility range and segment.


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