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OUR iOS10 App Development Services

Apple disclosed iOS 10, the next-generation operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple CEO Tim Cook delineated iOS 10 as the “biggest unleash ever” for iOS users, and also the operating system includes major updates for a large variety of apps, services, and features. These latest revision comes with zipped up folder animations, a replacement control center splash page, redesigned emoji characters and a full heap additional. All these new features are for the best- and completely unengaged to transfer.

iOS 10 remains a well-recognized, nevertheless higher set out scheme for long-time Apple users. It’s full of additional menu shortcuts to get used to and a lot of messaging features to explore. iOS 10 isn’t simply another update. To quote Apple CEO Tim cook, iOS 10 is the mother of all updates, the biggest ever within the history of world’s second most popular mobile operating system. One in every of the highlights of this OS is that it consumes very less memory compared to its predecessors

IOS 10 has got released and is been considered as one of the most comprehensive mobile operating system released by Apple till date. Apply with his new updates has become one of a top player in the high-end smartphone market.

IOS 10 has built up lot hopes and upon its launch, it brought more than it promised. The new OS is going to require lesser space, can enhance the battery life and also comes equipped with a couple of power saving features. It is also said to avert your device from becoming dead even when the battery is low. Improved iMessage is outreaching the previous versions. Some worth mentioning are Notification, 3D touch, bed time assistance, split view in safari, SIRI have added new definition to the development in Apple operating system.

As Apple CEO, Tim cook says with the advent of iOS 10 and new Apple devices iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it’s the new chapter in the Apple’s story. With this launch of the new OS hardware and; new API”s and sensors Apple has brought in tremendous new opportunities for the mobile apps. At Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. We are excited to help you explore the new exciting possibilities.

Any business idea is profit making only if it is implemented keeping in focus the prevailing trends and scenarios.

iPhone iOS10 Development Services

  Custom iOS10 App Development

Get your app developed on the latest version of most comprehensive mobile operating system in existence.

 iOS10 Module Integration

Many modules were introduced with iOS10 by apple. We have seperate experts catering to module integration needs of our clients.

 iOS10 App upgradation

Upgrading your app for the latest version iOS10. This service includes updating or optimization of your existing app with our technical and development expertise.

  iOS10 Widget & Extension Development

iPhone apps that are based on your ideas suits your style and completely meets your requirement.

 iOS10 UI/UX Designing

With industries best creative team working for us we provide you with most user friendly and good looking app designs.

 iOS10 App API Integration

API development and integration including Mobile Analytics, Social Media Integration, Payment Gateway integration and others.

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A dive into Apple’s innovation in iOS10

“Raise to Wake”, makes the iPhone light up, and go to the home screen, when just lift it up.

Onscreen notifications became more interactive. There are currently many 3D Touch shortcuts that permit to retort to notifications in several approach while not departure the lock screen.

Voice management commands like “get me a cab” or “call friend on Skype” are now available which helps you to activate non-Apple apps and functions. Siri Integration is now in market for six totally different sorts of functions: Ride booking, Messaging, Photo search, Payments, VoIP calling and Workouts.

There are new discourse predictions to bring up suggestions in apps. Along with better predictions. Quick type additionally supports multiple languages deprived of the need to switch keywords.

Photos can draw together linked photos and videos by place, people and time, and automatically create highlights reels; Apple calls this “Memories”.

Maps now do more in advance, with the proactive elements. Slide upwards from the bottom of maps and get suggested destinations. With the new third-party integrated apple maps, user will be able to search for a new restaurant, book the restaurant on open table, order a cab and pay for it all without leaving the map's app.

There is a new tab that is for downloaded music in Apple music which surly is an easy target for iTunes library. It gives the ability to see song lyrics as they’re playing and listen to beats radio stations on-demand are some additional new apple music features.

Apple has auxiliary subscriptions in news. Currently there is additionally a Breaking news notification from the app.

People wanted to delete the apps that return pre-installed on iOS devices to induce obviate icons for apps that aren’t in use, it is finally possible. The subsequent built-in apps can be removed.

Now you can be able to send money through iMessage and also the app will be receptive to third-party developers, opening up the opportunity of using iMessage to try and do everything from finding to ordering to paying for a pizza. Emoji in iOS 10 are going to be making bigger to three times their normal size.

Deeper OS integrations

Developers now have the ability to build custom actions for any content, which show up in the system-wide action sheet.

Increased Interactivity in Notification Banners: These take the form of customizable buttons. This addition should result in a better user experience, since the user is able to perform meaningful actions to your content while they are in a different workflow without disrupting it.

Allows third party developers to use Apple ID for authentication, instead of building their own authentication methods. It makes understanding authentication needs simpler, removes many security considerations, and results in a much smoother user experience.

Developers are free to create widgets, which live in Notification Center. They provide information from a connected app, as well as allow for rudimentary interactivity.



Applications especially for all office-employs/staff. Fits perfectly with the need of productivity for all your users


Entitle for financial extent. Provide fine regulator of all aspects of accounting and billing at your office.


It’s all about sports. Apps that will manage teams, organize dates, track scores, show results and arrange trainings.


Innovative apps for entertainment media and its viewers Creative apps for entertainment directing at exclusive substitute component for each service offered.


Exploring a network of people from anywhere in the world is made easy with such apps.


If looking for listening, collecting, mixing and sharing of music with your friends, such apps could help you better.


From language converter to to-do-list apps come join at utility apps which enhance the utility of day-to-day stuff.


Apps to preserve your valuable moments from the corner of your life. Well suited for young or today’s generation.


Apps especially designed to increase the value of your business after a long research and discovery.


Health related apps for hospitals, clinics, trainers and professional in medical team.


Real time update apps to make your travel perfect and safe provide live updates with exciting booking features.


Get ready to drown in the mesmerizing world of games with superb high graphics and all leisure and thrill.

Make the most out of your iOS10 Application

The iOS10 Application market is extremely rewarding and money spinning, but to be successful, you have to get the right app, appropriate functionality, best roll-out and right support. That’s what exactly you will get at Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. WM is an adroit in the rapidly growing iPhone App Development Service Industry. With remarkable work history of many apps hitting the top charts on the apple itunes store, our apps are highly interactive, engaging, user-friendly, unique and latest in technology.

Development Expertise

Besides the immense experience we are very confident about the our detailed approach and sea-deep knowledge of the iOS platform, including iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C / Swift, Xcode environment, Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Unity 3d Engine, Memory Management, Audio – Video Foundation Framework, Core Animation, Core Graphics, CF Network Programming, XML parsing, RPC XML Framework, Threading, Web Kit Programming, GPS, Secure Coding, Accelerometer and Core Location Framework. By applying modern functions like Apple push notifications, In App Purchase, Near Field Communication, mCRM, Point-of-Sales Systems, GPS integrations, Augmented Reality, Accelerometer etc we have made eminent applications that are best in their utility range and segment.


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