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Windows Phone 7 App Development

Windows 7, a worldwide known and most usable operating system of desktop computers and laptops has also implanted its roots in mobile (Mobility) market too. After the iOS and Android, Windows is also running its operating system for mobiles too. Windows phone 7 along with Nokia hold a great potential to surpass IOS to become #2 in the market after Google’s Android.

We at Ways and Means technology, provides you with the complete life-cycle of Windows 7 Apps right through its beginning of development till its completion and even after its delivery for some predefined time period.

Excellent Approach to new projects.

This is one of our unique USP's that sets us apart in the industry. We not only give importance to the technical aspect of the project but also keep an insight in business side of the app which has helped us deliver a successful and a winning mobile application.

We know what works. – Our event history says it all.

Our long working history and talented team has made us capable to understand what works and what doesn't, which has always benefitted our clients.

We are fortunate to be there – since inception of mobile app industry

EMS has been working in this domain almost since the very concept of the Smart Phones app come to the world which has given us a fortunate opportunity to learn and understand the app market right from the childhood of the mobile app market. This has make us capable of understanding the pressure points and analytics of the app – world.

Leading Windows 7 app developer

Ways and Means started developing windows phone apps in 2011, since then we have developed a big no of windows phone apps. Ways and Means is the early adopter of windows phone 7 app developments.

Windows Phone is slowly and gradually gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers. Fast coming updates from Microsoft – OS giant, is certainly a point that cannot be neglected that this platform might see substantial increase in number of users in short span of time. This can give the early movers into it a significant advantage.

Ways and Means has highly trained professional team for Windows Phone App Development which has a proven track record. Hire us today for your next app idea!

Windows Phone 7 Apps

 Business apps

 Games Apps

 Utilities apps (for Utility development)

 Audio related apps (music & sound apps)

 Web based apps

 Safety Apps

 Industry apps

 Informative Apps

 Scientific apps(data conversions)

 Puzzle apps

 Custom apps(according to user need)

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Why would some go for windows phone 7 apps?

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