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Windows Phone 10 App Development

Microsoft's next generation initiative in mobile operating systems, Windows phone is becoming a significant and a popular player and has been a alternative to iOS and Android. It is gaining more importance because of its newly refreshed Interface.

We at Ways and Means technology, provides you with the complete life-cycle of Windows 7 Apps right through its beginning of development till its completion and even after its delivery for some predefined time period.

Powerful Enterprise Apps !

We calculated, and with our immense experience are readily taking the advantage of the innovative and powerful features of Windows Phone when it comes to Business Apps. The unique discovery of the utility of Windows Phone for enterprise business applications has empowered the business process working and the productive utility quotient of the mobile applications in the business world.

Most Important Advantage – Seamless Integration with Microsoft Environment

This platform has shown the most promising future for the Business Apps due to seamless and unlimited integration possibilities of the Windows Phone apps with the Microsoft OS environment which is existing in the 95% of the businesses that require computing in their operations and processes. Full Microsoft Office support in the Windows Phone OS has made it the most powerful business device in the industry.

We are passionate about the latest – Dedicated Research Lab

Our very own WM Innovation Labs is our dedicated wing for researching and building the latest and the best. It has proven to be an important milestone in the success of many of our clients' projects. The highly equipped R&D lab with its huger for new and the latest has given birth to some Next Generation tools and Plug & Play units which has reduced the development time and thus resources of our clients.

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Investment for future

Though the initial launch for the Microsoft’s Windows Phone was not a success, but now after acquiring Nokia Windows’ phone has replaced BlackBerry and has jumped to no#3 position after Android and iOS. It’s also trying hard to jump at position #2. The potential in the Windows Phone market is not less only you need to understand it. We are experts in developing Windows Phone 10 apps and have skilled team who has been working over it since its launch in the market. If you are looking for such an app designing and developing company, don’t hesitate to give it a try who knows we could stand out best for you

Windows 10 Mobile was announced on January 21, 2015, as a mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets with screens smaller than 8 inches, with the first build released on February 12, 2015.

Windows Phone 10 Apps

  • Microsoft Windows Phone 10

  • Windows mobile SDK

  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7

  • Windows CE

  • Pocket PC phone edition

  • Pocket PC 2002 and 2003

  • Dot Net Framework

  • MS Visual Studio Dot Net

  • MS Embedded Visual Studio

  • MS SQL Lite, Active Sync

Why would some go for Windows Phone 10 apps?

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