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PhoneGap App Development

Ways and Means Technology team have been developing apps and innovative creations for over years, unique apps both native and hybrid across all platforms, creating user-friendly designs. Ever since the first smartphone has been launched in 1998, technology change has opened the doors for the app creations.

Why to use PhoneGap ?

Engage with larger customer base without spending a fortune: With PhoneGap framework you can develop mobile app just once and deploy it across all mobile platforms, i.e. paying for one and deploying it across all platforms gives you access to larger audience as well as cost you less money in comparison to development of native app for each platform.

Boosts up ROI: The return on investments is enhanced to multiple tiems because of presence of app on multiple platforms make the reach to the audience multifold.

Phone Gap App Development

     Compatible to all different devices

     Seamless User Experience.

     Focus on Business Objective

     Cost Effective Development


How does PhoneGap Works

PhoneGap acts as a bridge between web applications and mobile devices. It allows developers to wrap the web applications to native platforms. Web Application is developed using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and then wrapped into native platform toolkits before publishing to the app store. Although there

PhoneGap App Development with Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  • We have been using PhoneGap in Mobile App Development almost since its inception.

  • We have immense experience in using HTML, HTM5 and Javascript.

  • We have expertize in developing business utility apps to engaging games.

  • Solid base for web development which makes us more eligible for PhoneGap Development.

Developing an app for your business can come up with some good results such as

  • Enhance the visibility of your company’s brand in its commercial domain.

  • Provide the company with competitive advantage within your trade

  • We have expertize in developing business utility apps to engaging games.

  • PhoneGap permits you to design a modern app and graphically attractive app while integrating the required resources with minimum mess.

We say apps are a good way to interact your customers in an effective and efficient manner because you receive your information about your customer the way they are using your product, which allow you to access your product and adapt to changes it needs.


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