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Mobile Website Design

A responsive web site or mobile compatible websites basically works on the detection technique in which the nature of device viewing your web site is detected and then it rearranged the layout of the same web site to display it optimally according to your viewing device and its browser. Devices like Computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ways and Means offers you advanced Mobile Compatible Web sites and marketing services that can enable your business to get access to the expanding Mobile Industry.

The growth from zero to the peak of mobile Internet usage has been seen by this generation itself, and more use of mobile is yet to be seen! The growth is being supported by Mobile Technology and Internet Connectivity.

Designing for the Mobile

Generally Websites were known and used to build in the name of Desktops and Laptop users. This started creating problem with the mobile devices as the same website didn’t worked nicely with these devices. What was the benefit of mobile technology then? Introducing internet for mobile phone was of no use with such condition. Problems were like no compatible screen size, colors and contrast problem persisted. This created need of better layout of the screens on mobile devices.

Statistics saying that the no of mobile internet users are increasing with a high pace. Mobile users are able to perform all the activities which they could perform on their laptops which include booking, buying, selling, performing transactions etc.

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HTML5 apps with Ways and Means

Our Work Flow Includes:

  • Modelling and analyzing work flow of the product.

  • Pencil Sketches made and Tools made Mock Ups for your product.

  • Client Discussions and Revisions on Wireframes.

  • Color Selection brain storming and choosing the creative layouts to dress wire-framing.

  • Beta Reviews on the product outcome

Salient features of our Mobile Web development services:

  •  Layout: Professional looks for your mobile website which almost covers every important details of the website.

  •  SEO friendly design

  •  Web standards agreement

  •  Usability Focus

  •  Remove Graphic Noise: Stripping the website to the simple minimum design factors, to appear the website effectively on mobile devices.

  •  Mobile focused messaging: Content regarding messaging to focus the relevant and important aspects of web site, so that users don’t lose their interest whenever reading the webpage on reduced mobile screens

  •  Operative Call To Action: It is significant to optimize your call to action for mobile site visitor

  •  Promotions of Mobile site

  •  Guidelines for Website accessibility

  •  Discussion on Promote of overall website by getting a tailored Online Marketing Plan for your commerce

  •  Get a mobile responsive website and mobile search optimized site for your online business. Contact us now to get an assessment from us on how to reach mobile responsive websites for your project.

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Why should my business create mobile compatible designs?

Mobile compatible websites are most effective and necessary approach on today’s market to capitalize your talent. Some of the important reasons why should your business have responsive websites designing include-

Quick growth in web browsing via mobile

The growth rate of mobile consumers is increasing so rapidly that they are almost at the point of beating up the desktop computers in case of web browsing within next two years. A website which is not customized for mobile web use has much potential of business to grow up there.

Cost efficient and effective

Search engine too prefer responsive web designing over separate designing for each website. By making it single webpage available for all devices using web allows search engine to easily mark the ranking and position of your webpage in the search list.

Mobile Design Service Features

Want to get more eyes to your website from mobile users? Then your website must have to be made as mobile compatible.

We will help you do that!

Whether you already have a website or you are in need to get designed a one. We can provide you with your either of the requests.


We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: