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CMS Development for Mobile Apps

Everyday an uncountable no of apps are being launched, Support of CMS whether it is a Web product or it’s a mobile app is extremely important to work in a fast pace life. It endows the stakeholders with tools to regulate the content of your app and web as well as take use of user behavior data of the app/websites.

CMS for Web and Mobile Solutions

A Completely Customizable Content Management Solutions for online business to business (b2b) and business to consumer (b2c) businesses. Based in India, our CMS solution provides companies an easy to use CMS (content management system), permitting customer/admin to rapidly make Mobile apps/web site updates to any feature/page. Basically it provide Content Management for Mobile + Web. Ways and Means Content Management System allows users to control or revise content with its editor column, posting blogs or publish news bits with the Blog Tool and New Publisher, creating online polls, appealing Photo Galleries, add and display events, allowing users to register online via online event registration system, administer and manage web site users and publish and subscribers video channels and lists.

Creating, managing and publishing wonderful content to mobile, web and cloud-connected devices. You are required to focus on innovation while we will do the rest

Ways and Means Content Management provides on-request e-commerce for industries to take their marketing services online and grow returns, increasing web site traffic flow, trademark awareness and approachability, and streamlining the online buying process.

At Ways and Means, we maintain a structured, unique approach to complete any project that ensure all the goals are met in pre-decided timeline with the high client satisfaction level. We divide whole project into many milestones which also passes through multiple checkpoints and those too are approved by our clients. This will confirm that you never get anxious about what’s happening with your project and also to ensure that the project is moving according to your requirements only.

We also understand that transforming your idea into practicality sometimes feel like frightening task. But we can ensure you that it no matter what is your technical knowledge and level, our team understand your need and grant you the exact product what you demanded. We guide you on each step and keep you informed about the progress. The arrangement of trained team and devotion to a follow-up approach makes us to achieve the outstanding result.

Our planned and unique process of developing the product differentiate us from other web development companies and freelance web designers.

We construct CMS to offer our clients with the CMS support required to bring perfect content-driven web products and applications. We are committed to both large and small businesses who love their customers. We have dedicated us in delivering the values which is real and consistent.

Some Features that we provide to our clients regularly on CMS

  • Full Content control to your Mobile Apps whether its native or hybrid

  • Dashboards

  • Data Editor

  • Access User Data

  • Sensor data on the user driven apps

  • Content Management for Mobile and Reactive Web Design

  • Understand User behavior on the app.

  • Previews

  • Personalize Content for Mobile

  • Customize Mobile Apps for Cloud

  • Content Manager

  • News Publisher

  • Page Creator

  • Send Custom Push Notifications

  • CMS for Any Mobile Platform

  • User Friendly Navigation

  • Blogger

  • Photo Gallery

  • e-Poll

  • Contact Manager

  • Media Center

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We work upon Cloud CMS which is a cloud content management system that makes it simple for any commerce to create, publish and manage that huge content to their mobile applications and web sites.

Whether you wish for a platform for allowing a unified content strategy across all of your web and apps or plea to deliver content to an only application, Cloud CMS offers you the collection of tools required to attain your vision. We provide the cloud backend support through Cloud CMS to allow your trade integrates easily with Android, iOS, the web, Node.js and other types of devices.

Our CMS service provides your business users entirety they want to easily bring about the full lifecycle of mobile and web content delivery to bring customer insights, conversions, happiness, retention and purchases, using algorithms and data to style your team more operative.

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We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: