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API integration Services

Basically an Application Programmer Interface is a document, delivered by 3rd party software retailers, this contain all the details needed by a programmer to integrate the software in its developing custom application. Not all the software systems provide API’s to implement and integrate their product’s use in other’s applications. If the software system which you want to integrate in your application provides API documentation then you have the opportunity to integrate it to your custom software application. A lot, there are companies which are already using the 3rd party software to accomplish their needs but most of them find flaws which lacks customization requirements. Also they are unable to license the current software because of the financial reasons. But they still have an option of using custom features with the help of 3rd party software-API to run their custom applications by integrating API in their product.

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Ways & Means has immense experience in creating and implementing the API for Google platforms. We offer consultation and integration of Google API's like Google Maps, Google Checkout, into your websites and web based applications.

Most Popular Google API's that we integrate are:

  •  Google Maps API

  •  Google Chart API

  •  Google Checkout API

  •  Google Search API

  •  Google Webmaster

  •  Google Analytics API

  •  Google AdWords API

  •  YouTube API

Facebook API Integration includes unified assimilation of Facebook Login and allowing permissible data into the client’s website. These are some commonly permitted items which FB API allows you.

  •  Login

  •  Payments

  •  Social Plugins

  •  Graph API

  •  FQL

  •  Open Graph

SMS are very powerful and prompt means of communication. By integrating our SMS services with your web application you can directly send SMS from your web application, business applications and software which provide enhanced and robust functionality directly to your business. This is required by you when you are building a product and your user needs to get updated immediately on his mobile for transaction or any updates.

Few Examples of such Integrations are

  •  In Banking Application immediate transaction updates

  •  Phone No. verification processes at various websites

  •  Ecommerce Application to update about purchase and shipping, etc.

  •  Ways & Means offers SMS integration Services to their customers who are looking to provide powerful functionality of SMS to their business applications.

If you have a ecommerce application then you require a payment gateway to payment option to your customers. With our team's experience in working with various ecommerce solutions across variety of markets, we will help you choose the right payment gateway solution for you:

The most commonly integrated payment gateways by us are:-

  •  PayPal

  •  Authorize.Net

  •  Saage Pay

  •  Google Checkout

  •  BluePay

  •  2Checkout

  •  VeriSign Payflow

  •  Money Bookers

Twitter API integration permits the user to integrate the Twitter Login, and all the tweets of twitter’s account into client’s website. Other than this, it also allows the followings to integrate:

  •  Tweet Button

  •  Embedded Tweets

  •  Twitter Cards

  •  Follow Button

  •  Embedded Timelines

Some of our expertise in the area of API integration projects is:

  • Social Media

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Google Plus

  • Online Applications

  • Google Apps

  • Bing Maps

  • Google Maps

  • Skype

  • Offline Applications

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Word

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