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Manufacturing Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: A game changer for Manufacturing Industry

The most latest and hot in the business world is mobile technology which has changed all the rules and barriers of the manufacturing industry. It has accelerated the speed of business with multiple paces by not only raising standards but changing the decision metrics for businesses i.e. responsiveness and productivity. It has made the business more globalize than ever and broke the shackles of where you are and where you go in the business. It is change the absolute definition of the business structure in terms of structure and management. It is changing really fast so using the latest is really important so that it lasts for the maximum business cycles. The devices are becoming more intelligent day by day and this intelligence has help them achieve the bigger capabilities of handling sophisticated systems thus achieving higher efficiency, productivity and speed which is equal to enhancement in business outcomes. These platforms have provided greater connectivity and collaboration; and giving access to right type of information at right place at right time by right person which results in enhanced innovational abilities in the complete business chain. The way enterprises use their innovation is the key to competitiveness and success and help them create niche in the extremely competitive business galaxy.

Scope of Mobility in manufacturing enterprises is unlimited and promising.

Mobile Enablement is not limited to sales and marketing function it has reached to manufacturing industries (that too) to the core. With currently growing pace of competition amongst businesses it has become extremely important to increase the productivity and efficiency of every single workforce you employ and every single business process you execute. In manufacturing plants and warehouses for planning, monitoring and execution it has become almost necessary to replace the paper work the main line of business activities like warehousing, production, planning, quality control, and procurement to reduce the space for error, and duplication resulting into reduced efforts and increased business outcomes. Last Mile Connectivity and Real time updating and accessing of enterprise' data has become decision factor in degree of success. Event driven alerts and business intelligence facet tools can directly impact the abilities of decision making elements in the real time business environment.

Mobility is not the end its just the platform.

How enterprises think about the various possibilities and the way they organize their business processes and operations; execute them over the properly strategized techniques is what decides the degree of success they achieve using this transformative technology.

Ways & Means Advantage

With our end to end enterprise mobility solutions, Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd. help you use and enhance the power of mobility to your enterprise for efficient manufacturing operations. We give you cut-to-cut three main advantage:

  • Enhance Work Force Productivity / efficiency.

  • Increase Business outcomes / revenue / sales.

  • Step up the Inventory, shipment and asset utilization/ accuracy.

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We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: