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Automobile Mobility Solutions

The automobile industry is clinching the on-the-go privilege of mobility. With the increasing number of technology aware and environment conscious community of customers the demand for connected cars that would support their digital lifestyles is also increasing and what better than the enterprise mobility app would help these industries to be in the line of today’s trend/progression.

From digitally recording the customer as well as vehicle information to providing the ability to customer to choose from various service plans offered by the company to integrated web application for secure storage of data and its retrieval; mobility enterprise solutions offers it all.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: In-car features

With the help of our R&D department WM Innovation Labs we constantly keep ourselves updated and provide companies with the solutions that are up-to-date and go with the market trend. Some of the features that we include in our solution include:

  • Promotion of models and options

  • Building brand awareness and loyalty

  • Provide information to consumers, dealers and others

  • Find location-based services

  • Generate technical and functional reports

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Automobile Industry Benefits

We do not say to just believe in our words but infact to see our work and then have faith that we can definitely help you carve a niche for yourself in this competitive and expanding market. Some of the benefits that you get working with us include:

  • Digital promotions with increased ROI

  • After-sale support

  • Customer service and maintenance anytime, anywhere

  • Sales – to attract potential customers

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We are serving our clients in 21 countries from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Size Businesses with our Software Solutions. Some of our clients from the ever growing list are: