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As our strategic partner, you would be working as the front- end force and we would serve for back end role. The benefits will be shared on an agreement policy.

With this partnership, you do not have to worry about the project's technical matter. You do not have to plan to hire the technical team, updating them with the latest, or think about managing them. All you have to do is to plan out project communication and decision making strategies that you would be required to communicate with client. Your focus would be on maximizing the business with the best practices.

Become a Partner


  • Get associated with the brand Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • All the expenses incurred in marketing are shared by us.
  • We help you with resources and building your own set-up in compliance with the project.


  •     Must own premises with standard development facility.
  •     Decent acknowledgement and credibility in the field on computing.
  •     Ready ability to run campaigns and execute marketing plans.


  •     Help sustain and develop the brand.
  •     Proactively take part in sales initiatives and aggressively engage in marketing campaigns.
  •     Take the charge of ownership in framing strategy, managing territory and committing sales.