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As per this model of partnership, whether you are an individual or a company we have offer for both. The only thing we expect from you is a innovative and an extra-ordinary mind that has the ability to promote our business. With our referral partner program or as a representative you can promote our services, products and solution to the potential customers worldwide. The partnership is a pre-agreed policy where you get handsome commission for your each work done.

Become a Partner


  • Earn handsome commissions and rewards on the deals closed.
  • No subject knowledge required.
  • You get all the material to help yourself get leads.


  • Need to have personal blog or website to be used for marketing.
  • Should be a reputed online or offline marketer.
  • Should have experience with the global audience.


  • The marketing material entrusted to you should be used properly and appropriately.
  • There should be no over-commitments and unrealistic approaches attempted in course of action.
  • You should always act as per the modus-operandi laid by Ways and Means Technology Pvt. Ltd.